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  1. Jennifer L.

    The more apologetic she is, the more clothes she wears.

  2. Ty2Kryptic777

    It's all fun and games,until you find out Cardi B and Snoop Dogg are Drew's real parents

  3. Jennifer L.

    Sorry, I’m just trying to find **THE LOGIC HERE**

  4. Meliy Con-Roma

    what did i just hear and witness

  5. Erin Roberts

    LOL I worked on a few of these! I can answer the question about the royalty themes. Someone high up at the production company has some kind of hook up with the owner of a castle in Romania, so it’s incredibly cheap (or free?) to film there. Which is great because they also produce all of those Hallmark movies. Maybe that’s why Holidate was set at a mall too!

  6. George.

    You can try paying her with venezuelan Bolivars

  7. Steve Harvey

    Steve’s gon catch a case

  8. ILoveMyDog

    The short answer to this is yes

  9. Fun 101 Productions

    HOLY SHIT I remember watching this movie when I was a kid my parents showed to me and I didn’t know it had anything bro do with Mc Donald’s and being hyped for the sequel after what the gum says and being disappointed there wasn’t one

  10. Sofia Kha

    cut apples taste better than a whole apple everyone agrees but don't understand why. this applied to other foods as well but I thought of this one first. This does not apply to bagels

  11. BatTo Bat


  12. Sarah Faulkner

    never heard of this movie, but netflix says it's a 94% match for me lol

  13. Natalie Pope

    My mom hates me for the road work ahead vine. I say it every time I see a sign I quote it. She's threatened to make we walk many times

  14. let macca eat his ice cream in peace

    wtf he was the road work ahead guy?!?? woah...

  15. Paw

    I finished the game yesterday and then 2:56 came out of nowhere...

  16. Alexandra Bellotti

    This is definitely not worse than Hard Rock Nick

  17. binky dinkles

    I watched that exact Luxury Pranks video he used at the beginning of the video

  18. SpiroSZN

    we didn't want th sequel, it needed to end on a high note..

  19. Pcssfc

    I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies ever

  20. Preeti Prasath

    lol he's wearing the shirt he wore in Danny's music video for slime

  21. Gaygle McGoogle

    Short answer, no.

  22. Ben Adams

    Nobody: Matt’s boss: Leattirs

  23. Chebic

    Let's be blunt. The only reasoning anyone ever thought that the Blank Check film was ever OK is likely because the adult was the woman.

  24. kbeit

    Props for wearing four layers over the whole video just for an ad read

  25. Jqke

    Wanna play hunt the wumpus

  26. i eat paper


  27. 100- Cherries

    Pin this if you and Danny are the same person

  28. S. Plouzek

    Hey *guys

  29. DAJ IV

    yall amanda is an arianator she has a sweetener sweatshirt ! what a queen

  30. carealoo744

    If I could sit close to people for 10 minutes and then die at the end of it, I'd take it anyday over living another 11 minutes in the pandemic.

  31. GoldStarLord

    8:30 listening to this hurts considering how the Gregory brothers make some actually great songs from videos like Space is so cool from markiplier’s videos

  32. Hallee Christensen

    i love how the entire comment section are members of meme

  33. Mavrick Alexander

    Sniffs smelly ass shoe “mmm” 🤢🤮

  34. Crowbizz

    Hearing Dance Gavin Dance in a drew gooden video is literally the highlight of my week I would never have expected him to listen to them

  35. soba

    “i don’t wanna have sex with you” martha: 😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😭😭 WTFFFFFF I HATE YOU

  36. Ricky Lafleur

    OMG, the scene at 11:30 looks even more creepy than the kissing scene! I never saw a woman staring at a little boy like that before!

  37. Mavrick Alexander

    Holy shit. I LOVED this movie as a kid. But i do not remember it looking that god forsakenly horrible as a kid. Guess as a kid, you dont care about that kind of stuff.

  38. carealoo744

    Admit it- You were going to leave a comment about the irony of how Drew talks about having the flu and wishing everyone a: 'Happy 2020,' only for you to see the comment section flooded with people saying exactly that, and now you're sick of seeing everyone talk about it

  39. Caleb Wilson

    I just saw George Washington at the wax museum!

  40. paz puiggros

    12:01 i mean u did lowkey date peaches so

  41. Spaggeti AndAMeatbals

    The sequel we didnt ask for but the sequel we needed.

  42. Alex From Florida

    The president is clearly supposed to be a bad guy here, yet he has the blonde hair of Trump and is clearly said out loud that he doesn’t talk well like Biden (the he can’t put 2 sentences together line). So who are they trying to throw under the curb?

  43. Rocketflyer 33

    I live near the area the fire was and it was smoky for months

  44. cloudycrazy star


  45. Love Senerio

    I feel weird when people call the philosopher's stone the sorcerer's stone

  46. Nezhat

    Why do his eyebrows look like the one eyebrow pair you can give a mii character

  47. Zelta Penguin

    2:45 I’m getting mad Ben Wyatt (Parcs and Rec) vibes from this

  48. Paper Canine

    “Who is heather??” She’s my entire fucking friend group.

  49. Thatartguy

    How did you get that audio of me showing skepticism for your usage of Squrespace

  50. Adam Torrie

    Stuart was ruthless

  51. Weeble Wooble

    I turned on notifications am I truest Greg now😃😃

  52. carealoo744

    This might be the best intro of any youtube video

  53. Chris Richfield

    One time I payed like 2 dollars for some fried chicken and mac n cheese. They messed up on all my items and forgot a couple things, but hell I'll take a 16$ credit on an 18$ order.

  54. Losty

    SpongeBob was never rebooted. It just still exists.

  55. Gaming News

    Att away general has Dixie dimeilio on the front cover

  56. ThatGuyWhoEdits


  57. Fredrik


  58. random person

    Amanda seems so chill all the time. She just gives off positive and happy vibes

  59. Chicken Nugget

    This is why I’m a lesbian

  60. Zelta Penguin

    Okay this is weird but I felt I should comment anyway: Okay so you know when the knight dude from that one movie said the love interest was “green with envy” when he flirted with her friend I thought I could nitpick a stupid small detail about how ‘that’ particular metaphor hadn’t even been invented yet Cause it was first used by Shakespeare in the 16th/17th century (keeping in mind the Knight from the movie is from the 14th Century). So I Googled it to make sure. And to my surprise, apparently Chaucer (the guy who wrote the Canterbury Tales) coined the phrase ‘first’ in... The 14th century! The SAME century they said the Knight was from! So they had actually got this Tiny continuity detail right and I was wrong for feeling superior in my nerdiness So at this point I’m livid that this movie has defeated my nitpicking skills, So I went to check the exact date on DigitalSpy.com and compare it the Chaucer’s first usage (because I’m stubborn) And I was right! It took some digging but the Knight in this film is from 1334, which is EXACTLY 9 YEARS before Chaucer was even born! But in doing this research I found out that the Greek poet called ‘Sappho’ wrote of a lover being “green” in 7th Century BC. Which to me didn’t feel like much but they put it on the webpage about this particular phrase so I gotta assume it was possible the imagery was just adapted at some point by the Knight Or maybe the film didn’t put that much thought into it and it’s just a dumb movie with an annoying continuity error So by this point it’s 10pm and I decide to stop and send my findings to the comment section so: A. You can learn something new B. You don’t have to fall down this rabbit hole for answers Thank you for taking this journey with me, and have a wonderful day

  61. Baby Peanut

    This isn’t a sequel! >:(

  62. Sil

    Ehh, why are you drinking Lacroix???? This isn’t your second channel...

  63. PoOf

    That news thing at the beginning. Yeah, that was the intro to my “school news” at the beginning of EVERY SCHOOL DAY

  64. tt

    9.53 he probably edited out danny’s joke, he looks high-

  65. W1LLYmunksby

    she thinks random equals funny, if i go and file my taxes for 8 hours on stage, it might be random, but its sure as hell funnier then lilly singhs content

  66. sabine hohne

    nobody wants to know this about Jake

  67. Ava G Varrette

    My exact reaction went like this *gasp* OH NO.. OHH NOOO...she just... she kissed the child... oh my god

  68. Lucas Gilliam

    How in the hell did this movie go threw in th box office

  69. Shanoor Ahmed

    I’m just gonna say At least she tried I hope she can see this and better herself Always remember others failures are our realisation for us to better our selves So thanks lily Bro you smashed it with your commentary Now I hope you like my videos lol. I feel nervous now bro Heheheheheh

  70. Ugggh574

    I dont know why this is one of my favorite parts 10:46

  71. lily.

    his “Dream Team” channel is not gonna go anywhere with that name because “The Dream Team” is already the name of a group of famous minecraft youtubers💀

  72. Ant Queen

    I love how out of focus they are. (I am not being ironic)

  73. Moriah Smith

    you mean Presindent Biden.

  74. Creationator

    “I only like pure white breeds. >:(” *Uses picture of the rock who is apparently half black and half Samoan* (This might be incorrect as literally my only source is Safari.)

  75. Michi Pantin

    You guys are as cute as these hacks are dumb

  76. wise

    Jkjk love you

  77. wise

    Fuck you idiot

  78. justine hearts

    My auntie came fourth on dancing with the stars. She is Libby ticket

  79. Iron Stone7324

    I have a question why do the kids in kids bop only sing every 4th note????

  80. PrisMatik_Alex

    Imagine having a wife lol