Exploring Facebook Marketplace with Danny Gonzalez

Drew Gooden

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    The boys are back in town! Specifically, the town of Anaheim, California. In this episode of Drew & Danny Take Over KGup, we look at some of the weirdest shit that people have tried to sell on the world's worst social media website, Facebook. We also laugh a lot. Enjoy.
    If you're wondering why I sound so dead in this it's because this video was recorded on the last day of the most exhausting week of my life. I'm gonna go take a nap now.
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    1. You're Father

      Why is he in reviewbrah's backyard

    2. IPrpl_

      This video is amazing! I didn't know it was possible to have clones.

    3. Ant Queen

      I love how out of focus they are. (I am not being ironic)

    4. RaccoonMan

      do more facebook market place with danny or kurtis

    5. radisrad

      I would buy that 240

    6. Roberta McAllous

      (14:24) Is nobody gonna talk about how the lampshade in the background looks like a roll of toilet paper??


      6:47 Wtf 😂😂😂

    8. Puffy Puppets

      I Love how no one is mentioning the reflection at 0:52

    9. a bogus gasman

      Lmao genuinely thought the guy in the intro was Danny Gonzales

    10. Diana S

      the real question is why my grandkids didn't tell me I had kids

    11. Павел Белинский

      The quick straw usually load because colombia pertinently appear barring a awesome winter. filthy, defiant description

    12. Kevin Zhang


    13. i like arts and farts

      i remember when this was first uploaded

    14. herron ariela

      used weed $4.20 passing it to the person who buys this

    15. I Do Stuff Sometimes

      Is it just me not being American, or does "pacifier" sound like another word for gun

      1. Luke Larson

        That’s the American mindset

    16. Sia

      7:41 is so sad, its likely an adoption that fell through :(

    17. Ava's tube!

      At 6:27, why does the caption of the rotating CD holder say "walnut" at the end of it?

    18. Luke Friederich

      5:00 I actually think that instead of having $55 in Applebee’s cards he wanted $40 that he could spend on anything. (This is not meant to be rude if you see it that way :) )

    19. GreenBoogs

      wHoS hErE In 2021????? lUl hAHAHAHAHHAHHHAAHHHAHhhahhahaAhHAahhahaHAHAh

    20. E. Coli

      The fact that you can see drew recording danny in the reflection of the door in the background makes the intro so much better lol

    21. Abby Corin

      You can wash pacifiers bruh😭

    22. cat life

      I came on here, and heard “hey little stinkers”. Kinda caught me off guard not going to lie.

    23. Sophia Larson

      I love how laid back this is. Ps. Remember when we could be this close to each other?

    24. Jeremiah Cal


    25. Evan Yee

      I love the reflection of drew in the door in the opening skit

    26. Damix_ Animated


    27. Bonnie F

      "Facebook is good for getting to know your racist relatives " 😂😂😂 It's funny because it's sooo true

    28. CP SD70ACu

      I would buy the 240sx

    29. Crazycow


    30. Callum Co

      they look like 2 kids that are best friends but got put together for a group project, trying to pretend theyre working but they're just showing each other memes on their phones

    31. Hammy Woods

      all that brand new toddler stuff was kinda sad

    32. Mae Kreapt

      I feel like this is one of their first vids together, they seem so shy

    33. jojo


    34. peenix wright

      i cannot speak

    35. Hermit Crap

      It would be an underestimate to say that I’m very late but doll have ways to tell if there designer or retail and that ass That’s designer

    36. Mike A

      Just imagine the millions of dummies sitting in landfill...reusing them would be a good thing. Same with nappies ;(

    37. Victor Ceja

      This looks like "2 white guys...do a uh... podcast"

    38. babek

      Not a fan of making fun of poor and rough people

    39. Dallas L

      I actually have that same maroon short sleeve button down shirt lol.

    40. Peanut butter

      Drew: it’s like Craigslist’s Me: NO us Greg’s don’t like CRAIGslist’s

    41. Lucia Kummerer

      For sale: brain. Used, and slightly nonexistent

      1. pErspective113


    42. Blank Slate

      i am Crim Jim, my offer still stands.

    43. T J

      The origins of Greg

    44. goof ai

      I'm kevin

    45. Isabel Tresidder

      These two are so good at keeping a straight face-

    46. Mandyella

      Random two sentence horror story because I don’t wanna forget it-: I saw my best friend walk into the room. I was happy seeing the demon smile back at me.

    47. Gloomy Senpai

      I stg I was not watching you guys in 2018-

    48. random person

      This video was so awkward lol

    49. Jack Mattingly

      As a car guy it’s funny to come back to this video and see them dog on the beat Nissan 240 bc $500 is actually pretty damn cheap compared to current prices. That beat up chassis with a diff, motor and transmission would probably sell for at least $2k right now

      1. Jack Mattingly

        For anyone wondering why, it’s because it’s a great car for drifting and there’s a little thing called drift tax almost everywhere, just bc there’s such a demand for these cars

    50. oof

      6:30 walnut

    51. Kelly Bell

      lil babies

    52. Grace Jurvis

      my brother thought danny’s name was greg

    53. Abbey Royael

      At 1:04 you can se drew in the door filming Danny 😂

    54. slim FLIM Gamer

      I g9t an ad that said if you reach Arkansas your leaglly cool

    55. Juan D'Marco

      This was weird

    56. Lydia Koo

      0:35 Drew's reflection in the background recording Danny... Why is that so awkward to me...lol

    57. Water

      drew sounds sick

    58. megan bruce

      This video is prof that no matter how old they get boys always think poop jokes are funny

    59. Instagram gore


    60. Lillian Morris

      This is the only video where they’re completely on different pages like you’d think that Danny would be ok and it’d be planned for him to poop it’s Drew’s mouth but he’s just confused for once 😂

    61. Cuyite

      I found cookies on the facebook market place for $123,456,789

    62. Seth Froman

      Dolls out of the box now lol

    63. Sander Kamp

      The room with unused toddler stuff made me quite sad... I can only really think of bad situations where you would decorate a room for a toddler and then not get a chance to use it.

    64. jeramequia

      We have achieved gregslist

    65. Kxrby

      Hi lil sinkers

    66. Gypsy Woman

      Dang! Drew's got some fetish for Danny!

    67. Cassy Higgins

      “just a close up bag of Doritos” is my favorite drew gooden joke delivery ever

    68. Floofy Chill

      Pretty sure my dad sold a car on Facebook

    69. Elías Huesca

      Drew you should make a video where u only look at people selling mirrors and see the weird pictures

    70. s_r_w_4

      Danny’s shirt is one of the cutest shirts I’ve ever seen. It’s so cute and simple and just, m i c k e y

    71. Green Boys

      this isnt them, these are imposters wth

    72. Hiisme2

      Florida=That hot tub. California=That hot tub but it has been cleaned with a Clorox wipe.

    73. Shaema

      danny generally concerned about his drew's uprising scat fetish for a couple of minutes.

    74. mm carts34

      The optimal cinema concurrently crawl because fridge atypically prick but a silky battle. complete, bright illegal

      1. devin

        fucking _pardon_

    75. alex jones

      i just jenna marbles scream laughed because this is the first time i've noticed drew's reflection in the beginning where he films danny

    76. Myles O'Meara

      Call us Kevin, No CALLMEKEVIN

    77. Myles O'Meara

      why does Facebook still exist?

    78. Oculus A Ally

      I had a dream where I actually met Danny gonzalez and I woke up in a good mood

    79. Marley Cooper

      this was very helpful! im pregnant and its good to know that you need to look at the ass before buying a doll to know the quality

    80. Ghostriderkj

      Funny thing is my name is Kevin....

    81. James Cooper

      That shave butter is as useless for shaving as regular butter

    82. Rachel

      Love me some of them soft velvety teeth

    83. soop

      just realized that i can see drew in the door window reflection recording danny's lines from the beginning heheheheHEHEHEHEHEH

    84. soup

      i actually got my dog this way lmao

    85. TFG Television

      This video has a very different vibe then the other ones

    86. TFG Television

      My mom has bought & sold stuff on Facebook marketplace before

    87. Xylin Plays

      did anyone go on tour with them, if so please tell me i had to hang out with my cusion

    88. Madison F.

      *very used* DiApErS

    89. Shan Keane

      Faeritopia: - 0QB9B bot on

    90. Shan Keane

      DaRoof (Museum) N9SFW

    91. Hudson Labold

      If you’re a non car guy it doesn’t make a lot of sense but I think that 240sx isn’t a bad deal

      1. Hudson Labold

        @Alopee 4 true

      2. Alopee 4

        Except the fact that any car in that state is pretty much useless.

    92. Sister Shane

      If your scrolling through the comments before you watch the video. Barely anyone correctly quotes something because of the "We are not the same" I get so confused ngl.

    93. Felicia Chen

      I am a Kevin and and a Greg lol

    94. Valerie Weisberg


    95. easilyamused713

      Danny looking in the hole in the wall sent me

    96. marga rita

      why do they make direct eye contact

    97. Giulia Soprani

      the last 3 seconds tho 😂

    98. Strike Gold

      It looks like a really good day outside. Really sunny with a nice breeze

    99. Fortnite Burger

      This is epic

    100. Phobia

      When ur name is actually Kevin