The Most Epic Movie Ever Made

Drew Gooden

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    5 stars.
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    1. 111 111

      These comments are gonna be crazy as fuck until you pin one. I think that you shouldn't pin one just to piss everyone off this time.

      1. Extromatic

        well well well, W H Y

      2. String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ

        @waiting for *blackpink* to be in my area hi again B)

      3. hello axo


      4. Marley Williams


    2. Jonathan Thurston

      Do these bad movies have bad cameras too? You can tell by the quality that it is a bad movie, right off the bat.. SO I guess I am more or less curious as to what makes it look like that. Love the channel btw man, great job :)

    3. DragonBagon123 :O

      I'm not epic enough to wacth this...😔

    4. Before anything I just want to say that I am wrong

      Drew makes the best ads out of every KGupr

    5. I hate dolphins

      is the daughter played by the same little girl who was in another video where she's all like 'Im 12 and im pregnant and i dont give a fuck'

    6. Usman bhatt


    7. Ratna Kode


    8. lysh lysh

      that was the funniest ad read sketch ive seen in a while

    9. Zer0 The Assassin

      *I CAN'T LOSE!* *BAM* The best part of the movie. I especially love the cutaway.

    10. dangernoodle

      Drew: "What the hell is going on down here? I can't see anything, cause you turned the exposure down!" *Me being a fuckin cat*

    11. SugarMunki

      i love the scared-confused teacher at the end just saying "go to the principals office..."


      the man shoots the bottom of his chin and the bullet comes out of the top of his head,great logic movie

    13. Tess Moraa

      Teacher: Why are you wearing a crop top to school, missy? 👓👵🏻🤨 Me: Rules were meant to be fucked😎

    14. Spirit_og69

      This the guy from big mouth or?

    15. Alex Valdez

      There's also a Money Train.

    16. Theo Blackett

      Haha "cool your jets" dadum shhh cuz money plane

    17. Crafty Gal

      The Lawrence brothers have been in hollywood since they were little boys. Maybe those actors just wanted to support their project.

    18. Do It Like Will

      This is a very underrated Drew Gooden video. It's so quotable.

    19. Skinny White Boy

      You can stick your finger in someone's mouth to fishhook them, which if your strong enough, you can rip off a chunk of someone's face



    21. xevilninjax

      Honestly, edge could be a great voice actor

    22. G’joob Car

      Art Museum is my favorite actor

    23. PGNx Unknown

      I like cashcopter’s more than money plane.(‘-‘)

    24. Brandon Vollmer

      @4:12 Drew’s accent of the one creepy guy kinda sounds like John Mulaney

    25. SleepyXtrap

      John Mulaney + Jacksfilms + Mat Watson = my new fav KGupr 💖💖

    26. Juliana Cantu

      I can't believe this movie came out AFTER Edge's return at the Royal Rumble. How do you go from the most emotional, fantastic event in recent wrestling to Money Plane with Fraiser Crane?

    27. Jon Eduard

      that expressvpn skit/advertisement was the best laugh I had since the beginning of the year. Thank you

    28. Aaron Fieger

      I would watch your videos just for the ad reels, they’re so good😂😂😂

    29. hashbrown 411

      POV You're an alligator on the money plane

    30. Rita Amma

      This guy reminds me of John Mulaney

    31. Alan Kwok

      The glib pharmacist enzymatically smile because quart overwhelmingly touch for a organic duckling. observant, boundless ring

    32. Lisa Burrows

      It's so strange for me to see FRASIER curse. 👀

    33. Shivanand. Tiwari


    34. DieMarvs

      RLM did it better

    35. Jenny Martin

      i didn't follow the movie whatsoever this whole video. maybe because its because I have adhd or because I paused the video and didnt come back to it for like two hours, but i think the movie was just genuinely that confusing.

    36. Damien2000

      Genuinely can’t tell if the stick man painting is an edit Drew did or if that’s actually in the movie and it is BOTHERING ME

    37. Damien2000

      Danny’s second channel: This is my second channel where I get a little whacky, a little silly, and drink Lacroix Drew making a second channel: This is my second channel where I get a little more whacky, a little goofy, and I turn the exposure all the way down.

    38. milkey way

      I don't.. I don't understand what this movie is about

    39. lily smith

      why does the cinematography look like ph

    40. Sindhuja Sindhu


    41. balaji balu

      Do or don't

    42. Fister Mantastic

      Money plane. Money plane. Money plane. Money plane. *Dude fucking an alligator.* Money plane.

    43. Windixie

      “Why is the exposure so low” The obvious explanation is Money Plane

    44. Amelia Lee

      yes, father.

    45. Jack Zimmerman

      Kelsey Grammer has such a bizarrely successful/tragic career. He's treated like a living legend for Frasier and The Simpsons but most of what he does apart from that is shit like this.

    46. Gaming Babylon

      Why does he start every video by saying hey guy instead of hey guys

      1. Joe Scarmuzzi

        Because he’s talking to you specifically

    47. L7weeny

      I like how just to remind everyone that there's a southern character in this movie they just have him wearing a cowboy hat indoors in every scene. Looks like an Indiana Jones crossover.

    48. Carla Mylastname

      Your channel is the only one where I stay to watch you sell me stuff because it's just as funny as the main video. Thanks for putting in the extra effort in hopes I will spend my money on what you are trying to sell me! 😀

    49. KF Luna

      Money Plane Money Plane Money Plane Dude fucking an alligator Money Plane

    50. Gavin Button


    51. I changed My Username

      When I saw Kesley getting angry, I just imagined Niles Crane popping out of nowhere with sarcastic jokes.

    52. Matthew Sawczyn

      1:50 Watching legend Kelsey Grammer have to deliver this dialogue was legitimately painful. (But I'm sure his paycheck wasn't!)

    53. poobie

      i’m so extremely confused about the plot of this movie. like i don’t understand why anything happened

    54. npestafunne

      or florida

    55. Shirley Temple

      once again, check out Black & White! Gina Gershon. Love the content. U make me laugh! Thnx

    56. Radha Kavthankar

      Turns out I'm not the only person who watched NCIS

    57. Jake Johnson

      I mean edge is the Ultimate opportunist

    58. Julian Pace

      Nice shirt.

      1. String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ

        @british empire Nice pfp.

      2. british empire

        Nice name.

    59. Phoenix Gray

      Ok but why was the punisher in this shit lmao

    60. Matt Pekarek

      Ahh, so COVID must have cut production short and they had to make do. ***Looks up Wikipedia entry and finds that production wrapped in December 2019*** Well. Shit.

    61. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      Kelsey Grammar also was in a movie musical of A Christmas Carol with a bunch of Broadway actors (and Jennifer Love-Hewitt???) and he did pretty well, turns out he has some range lmao

    62. martu kranevitter

      I only know kelsey grammer bc of "the real housewives of bervely hills"...

    63. Kinsley Alexander

      ok but genuinely an “airplane Casino heist” sounds like an amazing movie idea they just didn’t pull it off very well

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    65. JK

      Money Plane

    66. C Walkwell

      I literally keep coming back to this video just for the commercial sketch at the end.

    67. shrek 2020

      i did notknow that this movie had curse words in it bc i thought it was a kids movie

    68. kian Harris

      I watch Drew’s videos and think this is the kind of movie my mom would watch and take seriously

    69. Archie Peffers


    70. ChrisE827

      Frasier was a character on Cheers. So yeah. Frasier the show was a spin off.

    71. Miss. Danni Tiger


    72. sorengames 1

      That ad read was funny a fuck

    73. matty c

      pin me

    74. striderzer0

      If you want to bet on a sideshow stepping on rakes, money plane

    75. bigmcpp

      For the wrestling fans on this day i see a shitty movie #edge if you do not know edge click on the hashtag

    76. The gaming Wizard

      MONEY PLANE!!!!,!,!!,!,!!

    77. King Jelli

      Why does this look like a live reenactment of a GTA heist?

    78. Quinn

      Maybe the point of the finger was for better grip? idk im just guessing lol

    79. Salem Bendeck

      Snakes on a plane: shittier edition

    80. PC Pet Central

      I use Microsoft edge because I accidentally set up my computer so that I couldn’t use Google chrome.

      1. String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ

        I have no idea how but I can only using my school account on google chrome and whenever I use my personal account it forces me out so idek :0

    81. Get In The Crust

      11:02 Logan Paul and KSI after faking a fight

    82. Alice Bennett

      Oh how I have the desire to speculate 😂

    83. Elliot


    84. I AM SURE

      I was disappointed that you did not go over the fact that they just transferred the money to all charities in a second without typing anything lol .. Also, just ditching the cash .. No one wants it for no reason lol

    85. Ginger Marx

      OMG was that guy in scales: a mermaids tale?????????

    86. Officially_ JackieB

      They all cuss like 6th graders

    87. ILiveFor TheChaos

      I thought from the poster and name that this was a cheesy PG-13 movie, until Drew showed the first clip and the dude said 'fuck' more than once.

    88. six23ist

      I don't know if the acting's bad or the cinematography's bad or the directing's bad or the writing's-- It's all of it. It's all of it.

    89. Marley Williams

      Hey Drew, if you want a label that says: rules were made to be f#$%^&, I can make one for u

    90. Jacob Mohammed

      5:17............ no context

    91. Chris Larson

      5:11 that caught me WAY off guard with the perfectly cut joke

    92. Perry Ed

      Money Plane

    93. Quill_Pigs

      NCIS doesn’t deserve this slander smh

    94. DolanDarkXGrandayy 69

      Edge stole the show here.



    96. Goose man

      Money plane Money plane Money plane Money plane Money plane Money plane Money plane Money plane Money plane

    97. Fosseneuve

      Money Plane. 🙂

    98. phil emard

      Rules are meant to be fucked

    99. Jem Yildirim

      The way you do adverts is honestly phenomenal.

    100. Daan M.

      c a s h c o p t e r