Insane How-To Videos from the 50s

Drew Gooden

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    Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.
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    1. Charli.’re weird lol.

      1. lurkin lurker

        Last one haha

      2. xbroflovski

        @xylo well about that

      3. xylo

        @ChrisAwesome nope im the last :)

      4. ChrisAwesome


      5. ChrisAwesome


    2. Krystal Kolar

      And we do live in a society.

    3. Thanos

      Why do they act like coffee shops just not exist, nobody’s stopping you from just running to a diner

    4. Thanos

      “just be bi and not get into trouble” lmao what is this, targeted information?

    5. Dakota Dad

      Wait a minute.... we live in a society?! This changes everything

    6. Hitchens Razor

      “Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick” -Kevin Malone

    7. Fatma Shaheen

      this guy around 7:00 looks similarly like drew

    8. doesitmatterdude

      It’s Tuesday 👁👄👁

    9. ליאור רז

      ground coffee is actually pretty healthy for flowers *runs away*

    10. Lucia SL


    11. Navneeth Jaydev

      Man, things werent that different back in the fitties

    12. 30xBlank

      hahaha old Australian tv

    13. kaylee kopec

      exactly, it's the day that it is🙄

    14. Rachel Frumkin

      They do say "the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup".

    15. Southernfriedscandal

      4:31 and 6:35 sorry don’t mind me and my time stamps

    16. Maddie Tillem

      Drew's recreation of that last clip with the guy taking nonsense and the lady looking at her hair though.

    17. Wug

      Ok “drew gooden”

    18. What's up Greg

      Idk why but my favorite decade is the 50's. I love the style, the way people talked, the black and white tv, the cars, all of it really.

    19. bammity

      Drew: So the key to popularity, are to dress well, be bisexual and don’t get in trouble. Well then I guess I’m popular.

    20. Martin M

      Wearing suits all the time needs to make a comeback

    21. Random SloMo

      "I thought every girl I ever dated I was gonna end up marrying... and I was wrong 5 out of the 6 times." But drew you're still not married...

    22. Payton On The Radio

      Great video

    23. Lucien Postle

      “Good old Randy Riggs (unknown) with the wives got nothin to do”

    24. Mark A

      8:50 - Maxwell House: You'll never run out again ...until you do... then have to go out and buy a larger box again

    25. Willam ********

      The one where you can’t understand him, its Australia what do you expect? We can’t speak down here.

    26. lil Hamster

      media never reflects the era. When we were in high school and we watched a don't do drugs psa, watching from future you would think we all share the views, but its just a joke to us. So this educational film does not reflect the people, they probably mocked it and raped and abused any woman they wanted. the good days

    27. corpsin123

      Australian man at the end: 'well, poor old man, he works too hard the wife'll have nothing to do'

    28. mew tube

      What good is a wife if she can't even make good coffee I say I do.

    29. Herbert Dashwood

      For some reason coffee commercials in the us and uk during the mid 20th century were all about destroying womens’ confidence in making coffee

    30. bill nye


    31. emily s

      well.... im bisexual... so YAYAYAY IM POPULAR NOW wait thats only one shit

    32. HavokValor

      what I've learned from this video Dress well Be bisexual Don't get into trouble This will change my life.

    33. Tia Aaron

      The first one is supposed to teach young girls to be neat and tidy. That's the only difference between before and after. She got tidied up. Good message but awful delivery. It would have been a decent clip if the silly voice over had been removed entirely.

    34. sudo cat sda1 guy

      5:37 Explaining all the boomers and xoomers complaining how everyone's always angry and you can't say anything these days

    35. Laura Mitch

      Although the coffee has been consistently terrible for months on end, never once has it crossed the husband's mind that he should make the goddamn pot himself then

    36. Lalogue

      A friendly reminder : You should always behave like a human being. Even towards people you're not attracted to.

    37. BBB

      The only thing that changed was she was looking at a book in the ugly example, then looking into the distance in the hot example... so don’t study to look hotter. Got it

    38. Lcvelic

      If your wife makes bad coffee Its time to get a divorce

      1. Lcvelic

        @Lalogue PLS😭

      2. Lalogue

        God forbid they did their own goddamn coffee themselves!

    39. Bears R Cool

      i watch this on a tuesday

    40. Claire w

      Why did I unironically watch the “how to attract a man” video when I was 14 😂😂😂 I mean I do have a man now 😉

    41. Sarah

      When you see a girl with an untucked shirt 🤢 But then you see she has skin 😏

    42. Savanna Varner


    43. Axvle Or something

      Now this was comedy

    44. RDH v

      As an Australian, I can translate 10:13. He's saying "the poor old man, he works too hard. The wife has nothing to do."

    45. Who Dat

      10:22 bro I'm too high for this shit right now 🤣🤣

    46. Łãÿš Pøtãtø Çhįpš

      “So according to this the keys to popularity is to dress well be bisexual and not to get into any trouble” its not popular when I’m doing it but whatever ( ̄^ ̄).

    47. Madeleine L

      10:21 : aw poor old man he works too hard, the wife's got nothin to do

    48. James Stivale

      Dress well, be bisexual, and don’t cause trouble…hmm…why aren’t I popular yet?

    49. KING GHOST

      I’m late

    50. Steiner the Shriner

      My father used to show me these videos growing up. Made me the man I am today.

    51. Ravenxll13

      Odd coffee commercials? Interesting, but may I mention the good word of Wilkin's Coffee? Cause if you don't Drink Wilkin's Coffee, you're just not there.

    52. AllyCat 013

      If anyone’s wondering the reason everyone in the 1950s was obsessed with coffee so much was because the economy was booming and a new middle class meant poor people could afford it. It’s also why everyone was obsessed with putting things in Jello. They didn’t know what to do with their extra food.

    53. Stib

      Boomers: This generation doesn't know how to treat women with respect! Even girls don't know how to be respectful like the old days this sucks The old days-- Wife: honey did you like your co- Husband: F OFF I HATE IT IT TASTES DISGUSTING TERRIBLE IM SENDING YOU TO COURT

    54. I am Ian

      i'm not like other girls, i have skin and a mouth

    55. Pokéman Finders

      Joining the mountain sounds like a cult

    56. JaviTheIdiot


    57. Caroline R.

      There’s a happy ending! Which just means that they made eye contact for a couple seconds sounds like how aromantics perceive a lot of movies love scenes “Wow, they... looked at each other, Cool!”

    58. Sue McCashland

      this formula for highschool popularity is clearly flawed, my experience as a well dressed well behaved bisexual was not positive

    59. vyvanzeWoW


    60. Sand Hanitizer

      Times have definitely changed... "Girls who park in cars are not very popular" Nowadays dude's are only looking for girls that park in cars

    61. Keigo Takami

      Oh my gosh the ad before this video was about this thing called "cutie polluties"... An add to stop pollution to stop but the fact the teddy bears were bleeding animals with pollution stuffed into them scarred me- anyway back to the video.

    62. KL Tiago

      1950s America is a Hellscape

    63. This is a name

      4:55 yes

    64. why tho?

      drew: welcome back to the present me, from the future watching this a year after it's posted: 👁👄👁

    65. I like to eat batteries

      “Mountain grown” *MOUNTAINS ARENT REAL DAMMIT*

    66. FunAmbassador

      I really wish Hello Fresh didn't have so much packaging, they really had a packet for mustard, onion powder, and even freaking ketchup. In my opinion, if Hello Fresh really wanted to be more eco-conscious, they should just sell normal sized bottles/containers of common repeat ingredients for their meals, or have a very small list of pantry essentials. I'm just astounded that they included a individual packet for ketchup.

    67. Jennifer L.

      "Hey bro, guess what?" "What" "My new girlfriend has a mouth AND skin" "Aw lucky, mine only has skin"

    68. Jennifer L.

      It's so weird to think that when they filmed this these people were actually real and their clothes had color.

    69. Gina O

      FYI The mumbling bogan Aussie bloke said at the end... “men work too hard and the wives have got nothing to do”

    70. Stella Bourne

      Microsoft Paint

    71. Lucas

      The guys said; “Poor old man he works too hard the wife got nothing to do.” Australian can be hard to understand when it was in its unfiltered form.

    72. LameLogan

      hey guy, nice video.

    73. GanjiStyle

      Right before your video, there was a fake infomercial style commercial for water pollution where they sell stuffed animals that have like plastic stuffed in their intestines and turtles with straws in their nose and stuff and i thought it was your video intro cause of how bizarre it is. Anyways....teach me how to attract a man

    74. A Common Bagel

      -dress well -be bisexual -don't get into any trouble Oh my gosh, guys I'm popular 🥺

    75. DM Gibbs

      No more insane than the junk that's out there now on the latest clothing (usually horrible examples) or trends are the hottest. Usually they're insane or ridiculous. :)

    76. Reddy Scraggy

      underrated video

    77. Mark Rebollido

      3:11 Drew murdered me with that line🤣

    78. Jd Man

      6:51 if drew was from the forty’s

    79. Random Wonders

      10:46 mmmnhu Uhnmm

    80. Random Wonders

      10:23 I am dying

    81. Random Wonders

      7:07 bad taste

    82. captain k'nuckles

      "Meow meow"

    83. Allison Wilhelm

      I found one of those coffee commercials on TikTok and had to revisit this video, def one of my favorites

    84. elio van hattem

      4:54 if that's true I should be the fucking prime minister of canada at this rate

    85. dämonenfürst666

      All these assholes should make their own coffee... entitled pricks

    86. 0YAL Mashups

      10:20 has gotta be his funniest reenactment of a skit lmao

    87. Alice Bennett

      Pissing myself 😂

    88. A friendly human

      me, a lesbian clicking on this my brain: *but why did you decide to do that?*

    89. Robert Eisen

      Folgers was so fucking cringe, shit

    90. Gypsy Woman

      Folgers must not have tasted their own coffee. It does not taste very good. That's why Starbucks and Tim Hortons exist.

    91. M L

      folger's commercials are still weird. they're the one that made the incest christmas coffee

      1. Alex Crane

        If you only saw the last 3 words you would be concerned

    92. Jack Louer freestyle

      Wow I can’t believe women used to show there ankles very inappropriate

    93. Josh Contarin

      The clip at the end the guy says “Poor old man works to hard the wife should have nothing to do” bit hard to understand an Aussie accent, shout out nine news

    94. HeyHannah

      _Ladies don’t forget - you gotta have SKIN!_

    95. weansly

      Drew, I saw the thumbnail before seeing the thumbnail and was disappointed I didn't learn how to attract men :/. But these 50s videos are like, really funny, so it's ok lmao

    96. Lauri Hartikainen

      Aw good lawd no no I wldnt say so I wasn't saying so theodore testing "Ooh why's that?"

    97. Lauri Hartikainen

      Aw good lawd no no I wldnt say so I wasn't saying so theodore testing "Ooh why's that?"

    98. qxmsock

      no wonder im very popular

    99. Kazzike

      Awww so close I'm pan

    100. Reddit Naughty

      I can’t believe everyone in the old days had grey skin. I wonder why there was any issues with race to begin with since everyone’s skin is the same ?