The 90s Guide to the Internet

Drew Gooden

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    Don't interrupt, Andrew.
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    1. Pénélope Bourget

      15 minutes of my life wasted. Thanks Drew

      1. Romi Balkan

        Ur welcome or is it cOtTaGe cHeEsE

      2. Anime_B1tchhh

        boo. i had to make the comments even so hi

      3. Striker X


      4. Fiery Prometheus

        You and me both

      5. Bibhabaree Sahu

        S h e t

    2. Chocolate Bar

      Ok so I know this has nothing to do with the video but does anyone remember that one video where someone reacts to old navy training videos on how to impress a brunette? I know either Drew or Danny Or maybe Kurtis made a video on that and I wanna rewatch it but idk where to find it

    3. Jqke

      Wanna play hunt the wumpus

    4. M. Ortiz

      Don't get me started on "Email "!

    5. john doe

      Thank you Al Gore... thank you

    6. Kybayon

      I hope drew realizes she was saying “set free” not “sex free”

    7. Ben Was Hacked

      Peter looks super tired Must have stayed up all night on the internet

    8. Usman bhatt


    9. gmchammer 88

      Wait are you a magic fan ?

    10. Crazy Adventures


    11. Kandi Koko

      (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞☜ (↼_↼)

    12. Dr. Pickle Pants

      Are we not gonna talk about how small the blonde guys nose is

    13. Mr. Dunce

      "It's by kids for kids" This is where the apocalypse started

    14. Coffee cup

      I'm a simple woman, i see a tumbnail that remind me to "Your new boyfriend" and i just click on it

    15. Kelly Houseknecht

      My school showed this to us in the early 2000s before the video on pedophiles trying to kidnap and murder us.

    16. Rachel Frumkin

      My folks and I were just talking about how we went to some computer convention when I was younger to buy out first colored computer. It was a Compaq it came with an Encarta CD and two games Carmen San Diego and Doom. We thought it was so cool. What a time to be alive.

    17. Rachel Frumkin

      I like the jingle the best.

    18. Saint_Somnia

      2:35 That kid did not blink once that entire time and I find that terrifying

    19. Flora

      I know I'm late but I'm pretty sure the song says, "Sets us free," and not, "Sex free."

    20. ruben

      dude the internet is no longer sex free i want to die fuck

    21. Duck

      is stealing from more talented youtubers replacing original content?

    22. Kaya Phoenix

      I remember watching the YTP of this back in the day

    23. Greeny

      1:41 "Sex-free? Ah yeah I sure hope it does."

    24. Joseph Stalin

      Dont forget communism

    25. Rahul Joseph

      8:12 Drew's voice tho🥵

    26. Daequan Hendricks

      Hubi Halloween is funny

    27. Glͥitͣcͫh

      Task!?!? Among us was in the past

    28. Cole Halston

      Look at this clown, living in the old days of 2020 lol

    29. Collin Russell

      Dude just watch Scott the Woz The internet and you

    30. Dala Brooks

      Fishy fishy fish. Makin it stinky!

    31. sunchild -

      adam sandler has went to shit which rly sucks bc he used to b so damn funny. but now that stupid ass voice he does is just annoying.. i don’t get how his team/ friends/ wife or kids haven’t told him that....

    32. operation alpha

      5:42 Are we not going to talk about the fact this kid looked like the high elf who is the adoring fan in oblivion

    33. Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag

      I love Andrew and Daniel so much but we shouldn’t get confused with Drew and Danny which are not the same person

    34. Piper Loring

      is that macaulay culkin

    35. WonderstruckSweetie

      To be fair, anyone that had the old dinosaur computers did have it as the focus of the room. I know we did at my house.



    37. Graham Cracker

      Don't interrupt Andrew.

    38. Ghost J. Moon

      Another one first shown on BOTW, nice.

    39. Tsuyu Asui

      8:06 w i l b u r

    40. Fiery Prometheus

      I am big kid now

    41. Inferno

      I had to watch this in school and I didn’t learn a single thing

    42. Mega Cartman

      I know I'm not the only one who sees Kids Guide to the Internet and immediately relates it with Chadtronic. (I also know that I'm probably not the only one who's said this.)

    43. Kia Frosty

      Cool cup background love it

    44. Hey It's Rihanna ツ

      Omg they’re indie

    45. Evander

      Im Happy, in an evil way :->

    46. SeaWeaselKing


    47. william wonker

      i know this from that ytp its all right here at your fingertits

    48. slurp

    49. Nate Norrie


    50. feel sick inc

      peter looks like a lesbian

    51. Sippix

      I just realized this is the same video Wilbur Soot used for his Internet Rined Me Video

    52. RipTide Draws

      I now found out where Wilbur got that clip for da song

    53. Trshslsa

      This is so hilarious omg

    54. Emily Knowles

      Is it just me or does anyone else remember that this was the video that was at the very end of Wilbur Soots music video “The internet ruined me.” Just me. Ok. I’ll shut up now.. “Don’t interrupt Andrew.”

    55. ghostlad

      2:32 he looks like macaulay culkin except not

    56. Shivanand. Tiwari


    57. Sindhuja Sindhu


    58. Dripz

      It’s all right here in your fingertits

    59. Phoenix Chase

      James looks like he was later radicalized into the alt right. And Andrew looks like he’s dead nowdays. Like he just strikes me like the guy who’s just... dead after 20 years

      1. RINGER 13

        Why is this so true

    60. Reese Bryan

      Why does the mom look like Jan levinson

    61. Enigma

      (0-< fishy fishy fish, makin it stinky Sorry I couldn’t resist

    62. Azby

      'It was a lot of work but it was really worth it.' The Internet serves zillions more purposes today but I don't know if that statement would still hold the same value.

    63. Emi

    64. Jennifer Mallipudi

    65. Caden Pichler

      I’m pretty sure she said “set-free,” as in everyone can use it.

    66. Different Dimensions


    67. Kris Mallory

      Drew Golden is the funniest guy in the world, in this video!!

    68. Alexandra Peddie

      I assumed it was set us free until u said that xD

    69. Oniiixhannn

      On your mark Get set 🧚‍♂️✨ W E ‘ R E W R I T I N G ON THE I N T E R N E T 🧚‍♂️✨

    70. Jo Lilly

      are we not going to talk about how the visiting siblings have matching outfits

    71. Khang Vinh

      Ya little

    72. I like to eat batteries

      Why does that one kid kinda look like Danny Gonzalez

    73. Lauren Westrick


    74. milk bag

      I only remember cs188's version of the intro song

    75. Pamela Urena

      I died at “Honey! Can you change my diaper?”

    76. Butterflywingz

      Music Television Internet🤣

    77. Delaney_playz

      Yes Saturday Halloween

    78. Maria Lozano

      sÒo lÈts

    79. Roshaun Higgins

      i want that book

    80. Cameron Birdy

      The funny thing is the internet was so interesting to adults but now my parents don’t want me on it at all

    81. Emo Rat boy

      2:32 why do I have the same hair as this kid

    82. Izzy

      happy to finally learn the emoji :~i ("enjoying a cigarette")

    83. Alison Jay

      This video is cursed in the best way possible

    84. hava lambert

      pretty dang sure it actually said "set free" lol

      1. Sean Anderson

        It did

    85. Shrimp O

      Andrew don’t interrupt

    86. Allison Blood

      You portrayed watching an Adam Sandler movie so accurately... I love it.

    87. faith

      duuuude i didn't know ticket master has been around that long :o

    88. Matthew Sawczyn

      those stock reports. so riveting

    89. Emo Dummie

      "Between homework and games" Yes bc we are sEX-fREe-

    90. Anon Bobanon

      the kim possible wig strikes again

    91. averythesuperhero

      On your mark, get set! We're riding on the internet! Cyberspace! *CYBERSEX*

    92. Jackeroni Draws


      Wilbur soot

    94. Sierra Southard

      In elementary school my class has to watch a cheesy video like this. I wish I could find was about them surfing the web on surf boards.

    95. Emily Fullsun


    96. PC Pet Central

      Ah, the old days of October 2020. He is such a loser. 2021 for ever.

    97. A

      Andrew: Dasha: Andrew, don't interrupt

    98. -Tig3r-

      Hey guy

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    100. Olivia Zepeda

      yo anyone know where he got his tie-dye shirt?