Vine: Where Are They Now?

Drew Gooden

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    Yep, this video is 48 minutes long. What are you gonna do about it, fight me? I DARE you.
    Here are the timecodes of each section in case you'd like to skip around:
    00:00 - One year ago
    02:23 - Intro
    04:24 - Where Are They Now? Pt. 1
    09:12 - Why I think Vine's demise was inevitable
    15:15 - Where Are They Now? Pt. 2
    19:00 - Camp Unplug
    24:21 - Where Are They Now? Pt. 3
    28:38 - In Memoriam
    29:02 - A Love Story
    40:33 - Conclusion (plus my thoughts on "Vine 2")
    Before you get mad at me that almost all of the "where are they now" bits are fake, please remember; I do not care. There are a lot of jokes in this video. Some of them will make you laugh. Some of them will elicit absolutely no response. And that's okay. I tried my best.
    This video is about 36 minutes longer than it needed to be. I spent a lot of time making this because I saw it as a tribute to vine, and so I wanted to make it as good as I could. I talk about vine, the cool things they allowed me to do, and the most important person I met because of it. And of course, I examine where some of Vine's brightest stars have ended up after its demise. Again, these are all jokes. To me it was more fun to write a bunch of fake scenarios than to actually make a video about how the deez nuts guy is like a substitute teacher now or whatever. Do you really care about that? I don't.
    Some of you won't like this video, and that's okay. I made this for me, and I'm very happy with what I made. Here's what I'm anticipating will be the most common responses:
    "Too long"
    "Stop making videos about vine"
    "What's that smell? Is that... burnt toast? Oh my god, I think I'm having a stroke. Somebody please call 911"
    All fair criticisms, especially in regards to the length. I totally get that most people won't want to watch a 48 minute video. Don't worry, I will be back very soon with more digestible content. I've probably said that before and then not done it, but just trust me this time. New video next week.
    Where Am I Now?:
    twitter - drewisgooden
    instagram - drewisgooden
    facebook - drewisgooden
    Time for approximately 100,000 links to all the vines and viners I mentioned in this video, because I just made a video about why credit is important:
    "Deez nuts":
    "Kicked too much":
    "I'll kill you":
    Cornib Bleau:
    Logan and Jake Paul:
    "I am a wolf":
    "Mail Time" by Danny Gonzalez:
    2 bros chillin in a hot tub:
    Skateboard kid:
    Cole Labrant:
    "Ghost Credit" by Victor Pope Jr:
    Adam Perkins:
    Friends I mention:
    Cole Hersch:
    Danny Gonzalez:
    Chris Melberger:
    Aaron Chewning:
    Victor Pope Jr's incredible Super Deluxe videos:
    And thank you to some of the amazing people at Vine who helped change my life:
    Karyn Spencer: karynspencer
    Jeremy Cabalona: jeremycabo
    Madeleine Ormond: madeleineormond
    Business inquiries:

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