My New Favorite Bad Movie

Drew Gooden

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    1. Hey look its Mollie

      Ho t dobg

      1. RevPex

        u made it too the bottom of all 495 comments!

      2. Star Toot


      3. ꧁Izimations꧂


      4. beth


      5. ChrisAwesome


    2. krix φ

      I’ve never seen someone ride a skateboard like that

    3. impostor impostor

      9:21 had me dying, I really got into it

    4. Jake the Half baked pancake

      Did you know the lion from mgm killed the guy who filmed that tape after the guy filmed it

    5. Arbie co

      and i thought i was the only person who can predict stuff in movies

    6. Steve Harvey

      Steve’s gon catch a case

    7. Sarah Faulkner

      never heard of this movie, but netflix says it's a 94% match for me lol

    8. Mavrick Alexander

      Sniffs smelly ass shoe “mmm” 🤢🤮

    9. Mazy Parker

      nah cuz why would she say shit like “you’ve never eaten anywhere near the fountain” and “you play way too much monopoly with ur parents” when she’s never seen that girl a day in her life what is this movie-

    10. ILoveMyDog

      Y’all are strange talking about how you would date these girls. Whenever there way older now lol

    11. Madame Tuossaiod

      Fun fact about the car seen in min 3:20 or something: The amount of payload that you can officially carry with that car is 90kg... So they probably overloaded the car by just sitting in there

    12. Denise C

      Why was Summer Glau cast in an unnamed role when she had just finished playing River in Firefly? I want to know what agent did that to her lol

    13. tashi Anti

      that bathroom scene made me so uncomfortable

    14. RAEtv

      2 minutes in and I’m in tears🤣🤣🤣

    15. Kayla Allen

      Why does yancy's love interest remind me of the dude from that short film they watch in diary of a wimpy kid, "it's awesome to be me" 💀💀

    16. Jacob Watson

      It was very odd seeing drew act like that helmet guy

    17. Ghostee

      I’m surprised that this movie didn’t turn out like the show big sky

    18. Aidan Baker

      And my dads job is finally finding the milk at the store!

    19. Kyle The Pyle

      3:20, maybe because you didn’t own a 350z convertible.

    20. Usman bhatt


    21. nash kreegher

      when he said "ill slam it in your face" i said the same thing a bit before that

    22. Ricardo Trevino

      What is the cast of this movie??? So many actors I would never place together, it's like a 2000's fever dream

    23. Micah Shapiro

      Can we talk about how half the middle schoolers look like theyre in 6th grade and the other half looks like theyre in 12th grade

    24. Divyanshi Jain

      Omg DREW your videos are soooo WELL DONE. I am obsessed. I have laughed so much in the past two days, just binging your videos Lmao

    25. BatTo Bat

      Drew good’nt

    26. dangernoodle

      3:31 I honestly can't tell if he saw the table or not-

    27. Jacob Watson

      Someone needs to make a parody of these early 2000s high school movies with pop punk songs in theme

    28. Sophie

      this is a experiment like this if you are part of the lgbtq+ community, dislike if you are not

    29. kimberly wachsman

      I watched sleepover so many times as a kid the dvd looked like my cat attacked it

    30. Aimee

      I remember saving up my money so I could buy this movie on dvd at my local drugstore

    31. Epic ABOM

      Steve looks like mat pat

    32. Infinitely Unremarkable

      Alll the main characters in this movie activate my fight or flight response. They all remind me of the girls that bullied me in middle school for being emo.

    33. Haha Jurassic park

      Bruh these great costumes these writers have to be black ops

    34. Uncle Jeezy

      wait the dude who played Steve was 22 but Julie was 16 what the fuck

    35. audrey reynolds

      Tate looks a little different here

    36. Rose

      11:07 School bus maybe...?

    37. AzI ._. Azi


    38. 我妻由乃

      Why is no one talking about how they were painting their toe nails with whiteout-

      1. The Lover System

        me and my friends used to do that all the time LMAO

    39. Stacy James

      Two of the leads from never back down in this random ass kids movie, wth, also, I thought Steve carrol was supposed to be in this 😭😭

    40. 1993Southparkfan

      The thumbnail made me think the movie you were going to talk about was Mall Cop.

    41. Mekumcream82

      It's slightly less incoherent when you watch it in full

    42. Julovedit

      This movie was everything when I was a preteen lol

    43. Miranda Steele

      you should review the movie Triple Dog

    44. Hiltan McLachlan

      who else heard the ace of spades by motor head for a split second

    45. MrCombat

      Why does Julie’s face looked photoshopped on in every scene in this movie?

    46. Daniel Poitras

      Was that ticket girl Summer Glau?

    47. Olivia Marr

      the teacher is kinda hot though

    48. Olivia Marr

      i thought i was weird for having a crush on the doofy skater boys as a kid but then i realized they were evan peters and hunter parrish

    49. MrSquishyCookie

      I choked when you said you like to hotdog. Maybe don't google it 🤣

    50. noah koz

      Am I the only one who thinks that the teacher looked better with glasses

    51. Draco

      15:35 I just noticed he looks like Matt pat!

    52. Cody Khaos

      I skated for over 20 years and I have never in my life heard anyone call skateboarding "boarding". And wtf is up with the bitch who's painting her toenails with White-Out? I mean I'm 36, so I'm not exactly in touch with all the kids fads and shit but I dont get it. Maybe I'm missing something. Or maybe Sleepover is just a terrible film. I'm gonna just go ahead and assume the latter, lol...

    53. Ender Tobias

      You got brie Larson... Whos just kinda there... Just like in captain marvel

    54. lilsend100

      Okay but why would you even PUT a lunch table there???

    55. Conroads Dev

      5:55 this has got to be my favorite skit on this channel

    56. VaBeach Beach

      I actually enjoyed this movie. Lol! I’ve seen it at least 6-8 times.

    57. Hydrosity

      That’s an insane edit at 12:13

    58. Hero Czarnik

      new favorite bad movie... so you don't have feelings for christy north anymore? 🥺

    59. Ian Remer

      Did you really edit them running into a cop car? Because that looked so real if you did

    60. Nicholas Kauten

      Is Ticket-Taking Girl River Tam from Firefly?

    61. Duckkels

      Most people would take brownies over celery, celery tastes disgusting don’t @ me

    62. Valerie Thomas

      Evan Peters’ characters just sound like Dr Evil

    63. SpeakDaTruth11

      Bad as the movie is at least it's kinda sweet instead of mean spirited.

    64. SafetyWaffles

      So glad Drew agrees that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie, as it is. Also, why is Drew so afraid of pronouncing ExpressVPN correctly?

    65. Talia Godfrey

      Anyone else find it really gross that a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD (Julie) and a TWENTY TWO YEAR OLD (Steve) literally made out for a fun Early 2000's teen flick?

    66. Knute

      The dude from America Horror Story was in Phil of the future 🤯

    67. Pink and the Keytar Cat

      And Summer Glau is in this movie for some reason

    68. ggboysup

      3:09 wait isn’t that lava girl

    69. eps

      watching this made my life better god bless you

    70. Ezekiel Hickman

      the guy who helped run Leslie Knope's campaign was a teacher before, who'da thunk it

    71. Eddie Demayo

      That edit was fucking hilarious

    72. Christ Raymer

      i'm honestly surprised a body builder didn't threaten to cut that teacher's nuts off before calling the richest man in Arizona

    73. Indee D.L

      4:56 sorry is she painting her nails with WHITE OUT!??????????

    74. Angelynn and Snowflake

      11:23 Im SoRrY wHaT

    75. Leon Howard

      #ALEXABEHA WAS #18 but yeah this movie's ok I guess I saw like last yr

    76. More Buckets

      10:53 a true skater knows

    77. Andres Procel

      This is the funniest video on KGup

    78. bongos mcDongos

      I looked away while he was reading the reviews, heard everything he was saying and was just like "nah thats normal drew gooden"

    79. Austin Arnold

      He needs to watch "Rim of the World" on netflix, its a trainwreck and even has a random adidas sponsorship scene

    80. Lisa Hollingsworth

      I own this movie it skips at prom

    81. A Chat

      ADMIT NO ONE cool

    82. Emerald Krown

      Nice vid Danny

    83. Nhy West

      6:28 that’s my birthday

    84. Jay Edgar

      Evan Peters. He’s a wacky guy who talks like this. He’s definitely not from movies such as kickass and also is quicksilver from X-men Also that 2 people in the same friend group in kickass who have played quicksilver

    85. Francess

      i like your long hair, the haircut you had made your head look big and small at the same time

    86. Francess

      So what did Steve Carell do

    87. Sharker

      12:12 how did you edit that wtf

    88. Ellie Is A Little Concerned

      I don’t remember high school being this dramatic of an experience where a single dance could change your social life forever. Then again I went to a small catholic school that shut down right after I graduated and kept a sign in sheet to catch popular time frames to see if people were going to the bathroom to vape at certain times.


      spy kids 5????????????????

    90. WysoTrxhy

      Shut up Patrick

    91. herron ariela

      this movie tells the origins of paul blart

    92. Poopi Poops

      When we watch an older movie with the lion roar my dog gets scared

    93. Taylor Joos

      9:28 I actually lol'd

    94. Kieru

      middle school ends and everyone runs out screaming, high school ends and everyone's like "mind if we just keep sitting here all day" but drew, that's what actually happens when high school ends

    95. Lime Slayer

      the glasses thing is legit, it changes the size of your eyes which can have a really drastic affect on the way you look

    96. Cynical Effects

      “June 3rd” :O my birthday



    98. chomusuke

      "I look like my mother" yes.. That's how human genetics works

    99. Lucifer Morningstar

      Now I see it he is the guy from , Road Work Ahead

      1. John Stanley

        I'm glad our true dark overlord has finally discovered the founder and sole content creator of this website

    100. Jonah

      you clearly got it wrong, its the last day at the worst school