The JayStation Unraveling

Drew Gooden

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    happy birthday jason!!
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    1. SomeOrdinaryGamers


      1. Ela Main


      2. Mr. fluffernuggets


      3. Spoop


      4. Glitch Kit

        @Senkasa hold up

      5. incellar chillin

        mutahar go boort

    2. Pregame Shuichi

      We just not gonna talk about the death note music at 2:15?

    3. rhinestone eyes


    4. Pharaoh Abreu

      At least he left Kobe out

    5. lily.

      his “Dream Team” channel is not gonna go anywhere with that name because “The Dream Team” is already the name of a group of famous minecraft youtubers💀

    6. Donkey Monk

      aight. imma go play some half life alex.

    7. imkira


    8. Furry Control

      someone need to buy jay some tweezers for those caterpillars he’s got

    9. Hudson Rolls

      when the L theme started I got goosebumps

    10. Gaia The Leafwing

      "dear god, where did you go"

    11. _Braylosicles _

      6:53 is that Skyrim music?

    12. Caleb Do

      Yo ur smart

    13. Herbert Dashwood

      Remember, if you meet someone and find out that they blame everyone else for their problems, its best to steer clear

    14. Official Orange

      Its fun seeing jaystation get arrested but his channel wont get deleted so i wish it gets deleted

    15. S h R o O M y

      Pathos Ethos these words some up a ton of the manipulative shit jay has done Logos

    16. Shawn McBrown

      Alright...let me say that this...why the hell did jaystasion think he can just make these excuses

    17. MichaelEXE

      charlies video is the best in this

    18. Foolsington

      *never trust bald men*

    19. Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid

      Jaystation looks like he was taking straight from a 90's anti-drug special and he was the one selling drugs to kids.

    20. Carey Gwinn

      I am not watching JaySt because he's stupid AF,but does anyone know what has happened with the girlfriend since? I felt like she was genuine in her reactions at first,but then it started turning into the "yell acting" tHiNg they did in their previous vids.I'd hate to think it was a social stunt to gain followed,but it happens all the time anymore.So,they still together?doing vids together?

    21. I don’t Know

      You know when shits going down when L theme plays

      1. I don’t Know


    22. chihuahua bently

      Awww poor guy. I like him :()

    23. I Am The Angie Christ

      The only person in history to ever be resurrected? Um excuse me Drew, aren't you forgetting about a little guy named Jesus?

    24. Soviet Mangos

      Look at the hashtag.

    25. Soviet Mangos

      Imagine being as stupid as jaystation. What an actual pathetic idiot.

    26. Micah Shapiro

      I am truly greg

    27. Max Hughes

      The way he talks about terrible traumatic events the same way obnoxious youtubers tell people to hit the like button is hilarious to me.

    28. CAPTUR3DFAM3

      Well, that sounds like Oblivion music, and the NPC conversation definitely fits

    29. Super Spies vlogs

      Says children doesn’t have mental capacity I am pretty sure I see glimpses of the future check super spies vlogs for a more in depth break down

    30. The Dominator

      Wow what a terrible idea

    31. sleepylilwolf

      I feel bad for jays girlfriends i hope their ok

    32. Sean Sahakian

      haha get pranked **airhorn.wav**

    33. Ryder Guion

      hey guy

    34. Sam Blight

      I came back because I forgot the name of the musician who died

    35. Danger Dave Destroyer of Domains

      Who else out of curiosity clicked on the #slave tag? Asking for a friend

    36. jhon will

      Bro is that Skyrim’s music playing in the background at the start?

    37. Ethan Marino

      The difference between him and jar jar is that I like jar jar a lot

    38. The gaming Archives

      people in abusive relationships tend to defend there partner out of fear so I'm guessing he forced her or really coerced her to do it she probably helped him because she was scared

    39. maddie

      11:38 was that actually creepshow art? like the one on yt?

    40. Schuby J

      I fucking hate him my aunt died because of a drunk bitch

    41. markedoff

      What if they went on dr. Phil

    42. Pierce Rose

      Sweaty pits.

    43. tobias wood

      i find it funny how he started using L's theme

    44. Shallbric

      Yolk yeet

    45. britishmailman

      love the tags

    46. sleepylilwolf

      I feel like jaystation should go to a therapist

    47. Jarvie AJ

      At the time stamp 1:32 the background music with the piano i need to know what it is called can someone please tell me.

      1. Totally Extreme Radical Bottle Flips

        It's called Secunda by Jeremy Soule

    48. Pablo Sandoval-Tapuerca

      JayStation, more like, IPretendThatSomethingHorribleHappenedToMyFamilyToGetThatCloutStation.

    49. Zosia G

      Every time I see JayStation I just want to pluck his eyebrows out so bad.

    50. TheMainCore

      Ugh, why is everyone screaming.

    51. Taylor Davison

      Well, Jay, I had a hard life, too. And I have autism. That doesn't excuse bad behavior for me.

    52. Jeans_beans_jeasus

      sooo the thing is drew, rational children also watch u :D

    53. The legend of MiiCasso

      Ah yes, that relatable moment when you buy a whole family from the dark web and share it on the internet.

    54. haley d

      skyrim music

    55. mr. grumblegrum

      hey guy

    56. Kirsty Munro

      Okay but how the FUCK is this mans partners so much more attractive than he is

    57. Kandi Koko

      My little sister was watching him, my mom found out who he was and my mom banned jaystaion

    58. Blueberry Bear

      Drew: what would be a good hashtag for this video? The hashtag: SLAAAAVE

    59. schroobidido thanos

      is jaystation also a secret sith lord ?

    60. Aubrey Mcmillan

      Drews channel makes it look like a fun and happy place, but when drew starts to care a lot about a topic we can all see how smart he really is.👏👏👏

    61. You can't see me

      Jay's mom: i would like to kill myself.

    62. You can't see me


    63. KELLY PotterHead


    64. God

      Jay station More like Gay station I want my comedy award now

      1. Juicygame XD

        Funny yes award here 🏆

    65. Ashley P

      "It's food!" "Alright!" I am just giggling like an idiot.

    66. DinoDoggo24

      Let's help drew get 3 mil subs

    67. Repulsor Gaming

      7:14 im ded

    68. RageAddictionChains

      🤣🤣 cr1ticals commentary, you just knew he would be a part of this

    69. xenom deluxe

      9:05 just remember, this is jay station we talking about.

    70. Dee A

      What an incredible douche, this whole thing was wild from start to finish

    71. Rylan M.

      Nice video Danny I mean Drew

    72. mini117

      I hear Skyrim elder scrolls five music. Good man. Good man..... Amanda is a lucky lady,

    73. Theoneperson

      Expects girlfriend to never come outside again, to not post on social media ever again, pretty much stay quarentined for the rest of her life: ShE rUNiEd My LIFe!

    74. Soybeany

      Found this while scrolling through #slave

      1. Dream Queen

        huh interesting, i also found it through the slave hashtag

    75. Hikosa Morrow

      Textbook definition of a sociopath

    76. •*HeyGirlItsPJ *•

      He sounds so much like quackity when he yells just,, SDHGSESDFSGD

    77. yes but no

      favorite song in the entirety of Skyrim. also, fuck JayConstipation.

    78. Amy Roberts

      #slave got me laughing

    79. Silith

      God why do those idiots have to scream all the time? It's literally exhausting to watch.

    80. Bloopidedoop

      Legend has it Jay has to climb his forehead just to put his hat on.

    81. Heaven's Door

      He really only exist because KGup is a fucking coward.

    82. Ella Drake

      " you now when you just casually scrolling the #slave tag for some good content" Me: casually looks down the screen to see a #slave tag bellow the video and imidately start laughing my ass off for no reason

    83. acmilan80ronaldinho

      I KNEW he was gonna put #slave in the description

    84. Jimmy Hi

      He looks like a randomized mii

    85. N Ds

      Wait. So KGup is paying people to commit crimes.......

    86. Rebel Friend

      His forehead what and his eyes how why no please why

    87. Emma G

      What’s up with the Skyrim music in the back lol

    88. Rouge Dionisio

      "Dear God, Where did you go?" 😂😂

    89. DangerOfStranger 1000

      there is deathnote music in the backround at 2:10

    90. Zée Clirio

      I'm sorry if someone already said something like that, but I can't see anything else but him crying in a fridge

    91. Thejing Sauce

      How about JayStation takes a peek into my life? Sexual assault and gender dysphoria are much worse.

    92. Josh Swartz

      Is that... Is that Skyrim music in the background?

    93. Shadow Cr0w

      This feels like it was so recent, but its been almost a year. Also I love the backround Skyrim music

    94. Frosty Fox

      I watched this video for like 15 minutes. I then looked down. The #slave got me.

    95. noah kurtz

      The type of guy to say “I’m being investigated for tax fraud, I don’t know why, I don’t even pay my taxes”

    96. Draegon Gaming

      I swear, someone actually *FROM* the dark web is about to kidnap his ass and throw him into a meat grinder ffs.

    97. gabriel hynes

      Great video Danny! Why are you uploading on another channel tho

    98. Kalie Wiest

      They're doing asmr shit

    99. Kalie Wiest

      It's weird they are doing videos together still and shit

    100. Robbin_dabank 12

      I love the subtle Skyrim music