Losing Your Relatability

Drew Gooden

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    1. Amanda Fox27

      Them: oh no one else has EVER built their home BEFORE 😭😭😭😭 My grandpa who built his home by hand: ._.

    2. Shanell Reynolds

      The lean candle cytogenetically delight because lasagna histopathologically approve vice a public specialist. lopsided, thoughtless cathedral

    3. Alipo Chipungu

      Ace family we only have 123million dollars in our bank we are so poor , me come to africa

    4. PoipoleBoi

      Ngl, I'd hate living there... I only need a place to live, not a place to look like a douche.

    5. SocioCrown

      6:44, OoOooOooOOOOoOoO, WoOooOoOOOoOoo

    6. Mug Of Teeth

      The person that built my parents house scammed my parents and later went to jail for stealing lottery tickets. Now we have to get work done on it because the water pipes are all messed up.

    7. Derick'

      Why the fuck do those stupid ass clowns need a 11 bedroom and 11 bathroom house like I might not be making a great life for myself but I know damn well that I dont need a house that big

    8. Jesse Streeter

      I really don't like there house its ridiculous you don't need 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and the house doesn't look homely or cozy at all so no I'm not jealous at all I really don't want their house even if I was rich.

    9. Butterflywingz

      Drew, I fucking love you! You say exactly what I'm thinking when I see these ridiculous, flustrating people who have ZERO talent!

    10. Kawaii

      Why does anyone need 11 bathrooms and bedrooms unless you're housing 11 people who shit constantly

    11. Lelynn Miller

      i understand that "recording your pets" thing... give my name alil click, & you'll see what i mean.. (my channel is full of squirrels & cats) 🐿🌲🏡🌲🐈 - Peanut Butter House, YO!!

      1. That One Recorder Guy

        No thanks im full

    12. StarrPhototype

      not for nothing ... the subscribe button was above the video in like 2007 lol @13:25.

    13. Melissa Silva

      I told my friend about this video because I thought it was so good and she loves videos like this so I sent it to her and she told me that she bought the ace family Murch because she felt bad for them bitch shut up

    14. Clayton Weyl

      11:45 "Send me money plz."

    15. Traleras Traleras

      Guys pray for me i wanna oof myself because i have to walk 7 steps from my bedroom to my living room😞

    16. Aa Aa

      at 11:46 when he's going thru comments one of em says plz send me money plz

    17. Toasty

      11:46 plz send me money plz LOL

    18. Kyle CampBEE

      Send me money please

    19. Mrseasy143

      im so flustrated with the ace family

    20. queen bee


    21. JetpackDino

      I like your humour. Subbed

    22. aimee k

      That house is genuinely so ugly. You literally nailed it, it looks like a mall.

    23. A guy in your basement

      Jokes on you, I’m not wearing pants

    24. Rosemary Kaye

      What baffles me. Why are they so boring looking in clothes. Why does the lady look so boring. She's supposed to be super rich. So why is she always in sports wear. Her hair looks less good than you'd think a rich lady would be able to have it. She's be able to get the nicest shampoos etc. The best hairdressers. Her clothes are bland and baggy. It's like she wants to dress pretty but wears bland sportswear for a look. And it's not like she's some frazzled mother. She has got to have a nanny. She has got time to dress up in the fanciest clothes if she wants to.

    25. Mike Weyne

      0:34 is just like politics

    26. ComicalCoconut

      This man doesn’t know what having 3 pairs of shoes means. I personally rock 3 pairs at any given time. My dress shoes, my casual shoes, and my completely destroyed previous casual shoes that I finally replaced😂

    27. Rasmus Novak

      Drew! You are my favorite KGupr! And I understand you criticizing them for other things, but when you get rich, your problems generally can grow smaller. If you’re buying something and then realize that something’s wrong with it, you will find it upsetting. I’m not saying I’m on the Ace Family’s side, I’m on Drew’s, I just wanted to post my opinion’

    28. Colton Westerberg

      5:45-6:30 is genius artistry and absolutely hilarious editing, probably won’t see this but that’s the type of content that is truly beautiful.

    29. CiaraAndAva TheWasianAsians

      dam i miss jenna🥺

    30. Hearthstoned

      3:07 the one thing that brings them down to our level.... smoke detectors

    31. protoman1214

      I have a feeling they spend all their money and once the attention finally dries up, and the money stops flowing, they will lose everything.

    32. Darby Hood

      the subscribe button was on the top left in like 2006 or whatever youtube first looked like

    33. Sammy Stone

      Those people seem entirely hate-able.

    34. Dylpickle Gaming

      Anyone else think he should collaborate with Danny Gonzalez?

      1. That One Recorder Guy

        @Rdoogan12 only an unfunny moron that hates other peoples jokes because they cant make any funny jokes would say that

      2. Rdoogan12

        @Kold Gold I doubt it, that isn’t a joke, or at least not a funny one.

      3. Kold Gold

        @Rdoogan12 I think that was the joke

      4. Rdoogan12

        He has. Multiple times

    35. Brooke Sutton

      I don’t trust any Family Vlog channels that uses emoji‘s on Their thumbnails

    36. Aussie Wanderer

      Seth Rogan is a bit like that. Now that he's rich, I feel like he's making fun of poor people. Sometimes I wonder if some artists fake bankruptcy so that they can pretend to be relate able again.

    37. INSPIR.ED

      Woof these people are kinda detestable.

    38. kaylee kopec

      16:11 what if i told you that im in the bathroom not wearing pants?

      1. That One Recorder Guy


    39. Paris Smith

      Guys pray for my mom... she had to move her group chat from WhatsApp to Messages

    40. Kaya Ormsby

      My dad has cancer, we went broke for a bit, and our contracter stole money from us but hey hey guys at least I didn’t have to move I mean I can’t even imagine😪

    41. Mr Cube

      The ace family (mainly the parents ) are the walking talking physical imbodement of the word douch bag

    42. Harrison The Car Guy

      thumbnail and title: house completly destroyed video: we didnt get the azealeas in yet :(

    43. Mystery

      The ACE family has nothing on me, I work out in my room my house is so small 😎

    44. Im_Lagging_Kid00


      1. That One Recorder Guy


    45. Kremitontoast

      'build our own house'. Yep just you and the millions of dollars worth of people you hired to do it for you

    46. Sean Sahakian

      i would kill to have the contractor mess up the tile of my 11 bed 11 bath house

    47. Gabriel Young Fence

      Im not even joking I scowered the Internet to find a video about this KGupr or maybe not......

    48. Holly Jones

      I am serious worried for Austin. He seriously can’t say frustrate. It’s so flustrating.

    49. Alex Champagne

      You’re one of the only people who I have heard use the phrase “woe is me” and that should be commended

      1. thin eevee

        Woe is me

    50. Danger Dave Destroyer of Domains

      Bruh, they're moving to Mexico now

      1. That One Recorder Guy

        Jesus christ no No No No No Get them away from me

      2. Excuse me, What?

        Omfg pls😭

      3. Danger Dave Destroyer of Domains

        @Slylee? I just looked them up. Their new video says their moving to Mexico now

      4. Slylee?

        W h a t

    51. Chuy Reyes

      KGup: A place where all douches profit.

    52. Nélia Ferreira

      I was expecting he would get up at the end with that "pants" t-shirt on and NO pants. Disappointed.

    53. HYPRSPD

      14:17 well that didn't age well

    54. Sharon Murray

      hi my sis watches the roylety family and in my opinon i donr really like them (but thats me) its ok if you dont but I would like to see that :)

    55. Two Neighbor Kids

      I am not having a shirt on

    56. Sarah Weaver

      SimplyPodLogical brought me here. How have i never seen this before? 😂❤️

    57. Saint Ricardo

      A LOT of people here in my country work their asses 8-12 hours a day EVERYDAY FOR YEARS just to earn enough money to loan a decent house. Then these fuckers just have mansions? And people actually feel bad for them? Bruh

    58. Insane awesome Stuff

      Is flustrrating a word or am I stupid

    59. Bryan Wasnesky

      This just pisses me off. Not this video, the ace family. My home was completely destroyed by a tornado and a house like that is more than even we deserve. People complain about a house like that don't deserve a house like that.

    60. Banana Bot

      I thought it was Danny when I clicked on the video

    61. Toaster

      I think Caleb city is pretty good at being humble. I honestly don't even know if thats his house.

    62. Fabulous Fiona

      VOTE Drew golden for president.

    63. Harlo Is Human

      Hi! I just wanna say maybe u should turn to Jesus because he will heal you and he loves you have a nice day!

    64. Melissa Hall

      Flushteling 😂😂

    65. starfish

      I disagree that wealth changes people. Wealth just gives confidence for people to be themselves. If they were assholes before, they'll be prouder assholes cause who could possibly hurt them when they have all that money?

      1. thin eevee


    66. audrave

      How can a house that echoes be a home?

    67. •The•Mad•Hatter•

      i don't even have stairs-

    68. High Priestess

      Drew did you just clean your canner today and just wanted to show off? Totally relatable content

    69. Anthony Griffin

      Woman should've skipped on that botox

    70. Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh

      I’d love to watch when they lose their clout they go bankrupt and are buried under

    71. sean montana


    72. Matthew Blackledge

      You wrong about Ye. But good video

    73. Kenziekate S

      Yo I have like 5 pairs of shoes

    74. Joseph Stalin

      Hey guys, I have an idea on how we could make everyone relatable and rich

      1. Notfine

        I'm listening

    75. Joseph Stalin

      God I wish I grew up rich, or had these as critical problems.

    76. AARON plays

      oh no guys turns out we cant buy mars :(... BUY OUR MERCH AT BLAH BLAH BLAH AND TAKE A SELFIE... lets just go back to venus

    77. ARY4MIK

      pls dont become like ace family even if you become rich pls

    78. Rachel Y

      the funniest thing is that their "home gym" is just like...an elliptical and some weights

    79. Maddie Willett

      I saw a road work ahead sign earlier today

    80. Der Tisch

      Wow, no pinned comment on this one?

    81. Slayer

      It’s like them crying about one of there toilets missing when they have 11 bathrooms

    82. のぢGrey

      Lawns are the most irrigated crop in the US. These landscape whiners can get out of here with their champagne problems.

    83. Amadeusisme

      The subscribe button used to be on the top left sitting directly on top of the video and you could customize it with different animated graphics and the like. Way back in like 2010-2011 around when shane dawson and niga higa and all them were starting out

    84. witty fartface

      “I can’t believe I have to walk up and down the stairs” Just get an escalator or summin ‘en innit, m8 they got a ight cob on dunney. Meet em down a ginnel I’ll give a smooch innit Give their ead a wobble innit, right prick innit Do one

    85. Mauro Lapuh

      Four days ago they announced that they are moving to another big mansion to mexico

    86. kittycatgirlshay

      I hate these people ESPECIALLY the dad

    87. Alex

      How much money do you make? Btw, your videos are really good I never don't finish the video. Even the 30 minute videos.

    88. lordofsalt

      drew is pretty smart.

    89. Lili's Lilypad

      I'm against child exploitation, if I see another, "I'm pregnant!" video or, "My kid does ___!" video I will lose my marbles. Stop exploiting your kid for views and let them live.

      1. Lili's Lilypad

        It works, but without thinking about what it could cause, the creators expose their kids to a bad world. I'm not saying they're doing this on purpose, of course sometimes they don't even realize. I'm just saying, they're children, not their money makers.

      2. Nélia Ferreira

        It works, though, doesn't it? They do it because they do get the views. Because people view them...

    90. Frenzee Gabule

      I could live there and no one will know.

    91. Beefyboffybethy

      That house tour though 🥰 That toilet was 👌

    92. Juiceツ

      Just looked up the Chanel no there moving to Mexico tf

    93. thawhiteazn

      They built that house really ugly. Like it’s got this great view but the house is just obscene looking and doesn’t fit the aesthetic of that area.

    94. nichtswie.eswar

      they think this is a flex but *I* don't even have to walk to the bathroom because *I* live in a one-room-apartment

    95. Tuba’d


    96. Jaylen Guzman

      This reminds me of CJ So Cool

    97. Kind of a Gamer

      I’m jealous of the 75,000,000 people that died in WW2, they didn’t have to worry that the tree in their backyard that wasn’t there yet

    98. RageAddictionChains

      your lecture won the obvious reward

    99. W4-11 v2.0

      Not to offend anybody, why do people care so much about shoes, how often are people looking at your feet

      1. The Last Ronin

        You should have gone to my middle school

    100. dotty mae

      the very first bit where u talk about relatability and how the more money u get the less relatable they are.. that’s why I love Emma, she’s changed, but for the better. She’s relatable to an extent u feel like she’s your friend. Luv her