Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well

Drew Gooden

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    1. Jenny Lambert


      1. Mark Shepardson

        Idk why this have like so much

      2. Amelia Wakefield


      3. the true Snom Vish

        This was pinned that is hilarious

      4. Mickey Mouse

        @cal ikr #mostcoolpersononearth

      5. alessia para


    2. salt is tasty

      Eren x levi be like:

    3. Are You Done Yet, Bigot?

      Disney: is racist and promotes pro-war propaganda Everyone else: *pikachu meme face* Research Disney’s controversies. Especially the one about Snow White, or even the lemmings.

    4. JakeFromStateFarm

      Preston’s not here because the feds finally caught up to him for writing “P U S S Y” on the bathroom stall in 5th grade. He is now secured in an isolation cell in Guantanamo Bay.

    5. Chebic

      Let's be blunt. The only reasoning anyone ever thought that the Blank Check film was ever OK is likely because the adult was the woman.

    6. I Drink Paper


    7. Ricky Lafleur

      OMG, the scene at 11:30 looks even more creepy than the kissing scene! I never saw a woman staring at a little boy like that before!

    8. Ava G Varrette

      My exact reaction went like this *gasp* OH NO.. OHH NOOO...she just... she kissed the child... oh my god

    9. Lucas Gilliam

      How in the hell did this movie go threw in th box office

    10. Joseph Bond


    11. Akay Way

      He set off my Alexa, please help- I nearly had a heart attack.

    12. E.D Amazing

      82 thousand people disliked the pinned comment

    13. Claudia Peri

      Tiger Cruise? You mean Yvan Eht Nioj: The Movie?

    14. NAlax

      At 12:39 the movie Megamind starts

    15. Xx Xx

      I was wearing headphones so the Alexa jokes didn't work

    16. Amanda

      first video I watched on youtube ever because this is the only website on youtube that is drew gooden’s first youtube, on website.

    17. Original Clownster

      is no one going to talk about the anal beads thing???

    18. kiki_pride 493

      14:20 "It's 2018...and it can't even blow itself up?"

    19. Mathis Gibson

      Haha I don't know what I said

      1. Nellerkilller 12

        No our was in 20,24

    20. jcdrd

      Honestly, when I saw this movie as a kid. I wanted an adult woman as a girlfriend too

      1. Ricky Lafleur

        @jcdrd Me too! Do you think he liked doing the scene at 11:30?

      2. jcdrd

        @Ricky Lafleur lol I guess Disney instilled a certain fetish into our minds before we new it because I tried daring women older than me before I turned 18.

      3. Ricky Lafleur

        Me too! Do you think that lucky kid loved being in this movie with that beautiful woman?

    21. Eg Head

      I’m one house down thanks

    22. Monster Bait

      he stole a million dollars off Bob Morton, he just has to avoid him until Dick Jones kills him.

    23. Londyn Hunter

      14:16 I still turned it up so the people watching me on my devices can hear

    24. Paddu gampasri

      Subscribe d

    25. Yoshidex 64

      I remember about two years ago, I saw Blank Check for the first time in the 8th grade. God were the scenes with the woman and the boy weird af to watch. I remember all the kids in my class were weirded out as well.

      1. Ricky Lafleur

        Do you think the way she's staring at the kid during the scene at 11:30 looks even more creepy than the kissing scene?

    26. Pacho Thompson


    27. Jovian

      I remember catching Blank Check on TV but I don't remember thaT PART AHHHHHH

    28. Sawyer Paulus

      The guy who chases the kid at the end of the movie was in robocop and twin peaks what a career ark

    29. Chris Scott

      There's only 2 things I remembered from Blank Check (which I used to love and watch all the time as a kid): 1. Macintosh 2. Garbage can FULL of *ICE CREAM* I have never forgotten that garbage can... and to this day it remains one of my life's true ambitions. One day...

    30. only the truth

      The over exaggerated intro to this movie was not needed

    31. jonathan lee

      Lol those random memories of all those commercials and crap has to be why damn near everyone our age smokes weed bro

    32. hannahb2k 7

      My Alexa turned on

    33. Matthew Sawczyn

      Taran Killam is amazing in Single Parents. A seriously underrated show

    34. Aluma Dan

      I remember smart house but i never watched blank check and im so happy cuz i would have been scarred

    35. Aluma Dan

      Why is this an actual movie? This is so not supposed to be alive

    36. Skull_CrusherYT

      what the absolute.... i disliked twice

    37. Grace Arrigoni

      I don’t like this

    38. Eirwen Johnston

      When he said Alexa self destruct my Alexa just started buzzing really loud and said self destruct not enitiated

    39. depressed cockroach

      why does she looks like justine frischmann

    40. D1M0L1SH

      looking back on blank check that was a weird movie

    41. Mr Schneider

      No books Lucky

    42. Noice Toit

      Wait a damn minute

    43. Taylor Couture

      A-s-s Ayess

    44. masterbroadcast1

      I LOVED blank check!!!

    45. Ishitonyou666

      11:05 you can’t blame him for falling in love with that broad , she was in “Dumb and Dumber” , every kid loved that movie 😉

      1. Ricky Lafleur

        IKR! Do you think he loved rehearsing the kissing scene with that hot cougar lady?

    46. Asher Casos


    47. Seline guzman

      Tell me why my summer camp let me watch this....

    48. Rachel Frumkin

      I loved Blank Check when I was younger and I watched it recently as a grown person, what was I thinking. This movie has so many issues. I know he steals money from a criminal but now he is the criminal so what kind of lesson is that suppose to teach kids. Stealing is bad but if you steal/commit fraud from a criminal not so much.? Movies from the 90's were f'ed up.

    49. AJ G

      That Moody’s Point reference just sent me into the deepest reaches of nostalgia

    50. Isaiah Rogers

      I frickin love blank check

    51. Katy Gonzalez

      Please do Letters to Juliet

    52. It's ASHER!

      I remember loving blank check but I watched it on Disney + recently and the love interest thing was very questioning 🤨

      1. Ricky Lafleur

        It would have been one thing if the boy was the only one flirting with that woman, but she also seemed genuinely attracted to him which makes it really weird

    53. Mewvern

      This not Disney +, this Disney -

    54. Casey Thomas

      He was 11 , not eight.

    55. 5_ qm

      94’ was a weird one

    56. Andrew Johnson

      Drew: "Alexa self-destruct" Me wearing headphones: "YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE"

    57. Glͥitͣcͫh

      can we talk about the disney logo smoking

    58. Harrison The Car Guy

      i forgot that the blank check movie existed!

    59. Allison B

      As a chinese person i can confirm i do magic

    60. Hà Phương Nguyễn

      What kind of idiot gives people a *signed blank check* ?

    61. Alaysia Hart

      Drew: “couldn’t watch Cartoon Network till I was 13” Me at 6 watching adult swim😏

    62. Preston Silva

      I went to the real house from Blank Check, I watched this then looked how far it is from where I live. I saw it was a 15 minute drive from my house where I’ve lived for 6-7 years! How did I never notice a giant castle by my house?!? xD

    63. josie jam

      Ok so I'm still in the beginning but apparently the thumbnail's real?? Honestly wtf

    64. Ian Red

      13:32 😂thats so weird bro😂

      1. Ricky Lafleur

        Ageed! Do you think the way she's staring at him with lust during the scene at 11:30 look even more weird?

    65. Tiffany Leraa

      Yogurt salesman 😂😬😭😭

    66. Nolan Blair

      I guessed nord VPN

    67. Lola Sushi

      My alexa actually responded when you said "alexa self destruct"

    68. Copper Cheese

      I remember loving blank check as a kid

    69. Christian Nesselrotte

      He made my Alexa go off and I almost had a heart attack

    70. Hunter

      jokes on you I have a google assistant

    71. Tyrees Mosley

      Alexa Says, "Sorry I'm Not Sure About That".....

    72. Luca Gwathmey

      Brooooo I remember the blank check movie holy shit

    73. Noah Exists

      Me getting flashbacks to chitty chitty bang bang and remembering the childsnatcher who LITTERALY gets the candy to get in the cage

      1. Sarah Weaver

        And that was like one of my fave movies as a kid too! I recently rewatched it and was like "ooooh this is why i cant walk my dog alone at night without a tazer" 🙃

    74. Harley

      *Oh! Is it express VPN?*

    75. X A

      I did the math, and that house in blank Check was bought for an estimated 2 million dollars under its market price when adjusted for inflation. What a fucking steal

    76. slimeplayz

      Honestly blank check was an interesting movie

    77. Lisa Hollingsworth

      I also own this movie I must be the queen of bad Disney movies

    78. Marsh Fish

      drew really activated my alexa

    79. MikeSG87

      Omg, I was trying to remember the name of "Now you see it," for so long.

    80. Casino Skavenger

      Tbh I thought it was nordic vpn

    81. Skull Pumpkin

      Dammit, my Alexa said she wasn't sure she wanted to self destruct

    82. BOOMbear

      Love the albums in the background of your videos. Great taste in music.

    83. Rak Koon

      I like stereotypes. They have to come from somewhere don’t they?

    84. Ilovespectram

      Hey guy!

    85. Aryana Raya

      he obviously won the bet 13:26

    86. Jammer Gaming

      I'm guessing a bunch of people say you sound like Sheldon cooper cuz ya do

    87. Zuzia Pazdzior

      I actually watched Blank Check, and i kinda enjoyed it, but i was like 7, so i didnt really understand it either.

    88. Unlimitedfor1

      Uh... I absolutely loved Blank Check as a kid, looking back it sure had its imperfections....




      preston dude just get a sugar daddy

    91. BubbleTea

      In defense of Beauty and the Beast. He didn’t kidnap her. She volunteered and he was like “well now you can’t leave” so it was more like trapping. And she didn’t fall for him he fell for her, then she fell for him after he “died”. So if anyone had Stockholm syndrome it was the Beast.

      1. Hannah Wisdom

        If I’m remembering correctly it’s called Lima syndrome when the captor falls in love with their victim

    92. Mark Destroyer

      That looks like nine different shots.

    93. Boston Terrier

      adult lady has a karen cut it appears?

    94. Simp_ai

      13:33 I literally screamed- My sister asked why I was screaming, and all I could do was show her the clip itself because I couldn't put my horror into words-

      1. Ricky Lafleur

        Do you think see that woman staring at him with lust at 11:30 looks super creepy too?

    95. Autumn Rose

      I was an absolute fanatic for the movie Now You See It but looking back it was so godawful LMFAO

    96. D345TR0R

      Oh my gosh they made an Asian joke everybody needs a tissue box

    97. Orlando Nieves

      South Park Cops: *Noiceee*

    98. Brass Infamy

      I don't know, on one hand it's strange as hell that a bunch of writer's thought this was a good idea, but I don't think the kid or the female actress had a big problem with it.

      1. Ricky Lafleur

        Yeah. They both definitely seemed to have fun filming those romantic scenes. Do you think they had a secret crush on each other back then?

    99. Thicc Mushroom

      Wait.. but they weren’t reusing a shot in the first 3x3. They first time they show it, they were all different

    100. ً

      Hey I haven't seen Pocahontas in a while, why is it called racist?

      1. frog_ boyfriend

        because it relies very heavily on stereotypes of native americans. and its hella disrespectful to portray pocahontas and john as a consensual couple, because they weren't. pocahontas was a teenager when john basically forced to her to come back to england with him and have his child, and she died there, thousands of miles away from her land that was being pillaged.