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    Grab your reading glasses, today we're checking out some book.
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    1. bruh ً

      Who are you

      1. Kaedence Ward

        Who are you?

      2. beaut1ful liies


      3. 《青鱼GF》

        Drew Gonzalez

      4. Linyeta Icetea

        Danny of course.... It's his third channel!

      5. Shrekky Devito

        I wasted the last reply lol

    2. Brianna Hacsunda

      danny! how’s your wife!?

    3. Brianna Hacsunda

      guys i think he likes? vpn? idk i’m not sure tho

    4. Tonic

      The odd1sout’s book lived up to the hype

    5. Love Senerio

      I feel weird when people call the philosopher's stone the sorcerer's stone

    6. sabine hohne

      nobody wants to know this about Jake

    7. archibald

      you're at 2.7m subs, does this mean at 3 mil you're going to write a book too

    8. averythesuperhero

      We killed trees that make oxygen that we can breathe so that Gabby could publish a book where one of the pages literally just says Sad isfied

    9. mululi

      this is the first video i have ever watched from you so idk if that intro is something you do all the time but it made me laugh so hard

    10. XOmangoXO

      Drew you’re almost at 3M, is your book in the works?

    11. Mickey

      The poor trees that die daily for the Jake Pauls book and the reason humanity ends

    12. Andrea Alvino

      If thats a real caf and not a pillow omfg its adorable

    13. Felix Mendonza

      I liked the fanfiction of Danny and drew more than Jake's book.

    14. Sweet-Jay

      I freaking love The Contortionist

    15. yo mommy

      dude trees were cut for this? those books have as much value as toilet paper ngl

    16. Hi it’s Abby

      Maria Elizabeth (I think that’s how to spell her name correctly) she has 2 books that are about creating art and it gives you stuff to do

    17. Foolsington

      i figured out the facts of life from big mouth..

    18. OnlySoap

      Tic toc drew, 3 million is nearing closer

    19. Elijah King

      I've purchased the Binging With Babish cookbook and have only made a couple recipes from it because most of them are just so expensive for me to get the ingredients for or so specific. But I look up to him and just had to support him, he is one of my inspirations to become a chef

    20. roni Severs

      50 shades of Jake 😂 jesus so cringy

    21. gaminggecko

      “i guess its something people do when they hit 3 million subscribers” 2.78M Barnes and Noble. Home away from home

    22. Al

      The Book of Mythicality doesn’t deserve to be on the thumbnail. Bleak Creek on the other hand 😬

    23. Strangely Ukrainian

      I find it interesting that they all try to write a memoir or self help book, when they very clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. Like, what is wrong with writing a good work of fiction?

    24. Shu


    25. Zora Farkas

      Okay so as a girl the part where he talked about "things that every teenage girl should know" I really think it was unnecessary and useless info for anyone with an IQ over 0. What does he mean by :guys only think about us as naked or half naked objects they want, that part will only make a girl more self-conscious about her body. The fact that he told us that will only give us more anxiety, somethings are just better if we don't know about. I know that not all boys are like that but even if not all of them there is a high chance that there will be at least one person in your class that will think that way. I just wanted to share my opinion.

    26. redd

      not ashamed to admit that i love the name adultolescence

    27. valentine

      Our dad sleeps sitting up in a chair yea...? It’s fir his neck or something i Know but like I can’t im@gine. Sams this video is funny af tho pls watch? Dirk....

    28. Gavinus Maximus

      Lol im getting my hair cut today at one so this hit home.

    29. Silicone Butts

      Logan paul is like a character that Ashton Kutcher would play.

    30. FrenchToast

      This book disgusts me. I mean, is he really telling 14 year old girls that boys only want to see them naked? Come on, Jake. Not only does he sexualize women, but he also brings up stereotypes about girls putting on makeup, jewelery, and clothes. In the process of saying that, he makes girls who actually enjoy this stuff feel bad for enjoying it because it "embodies what girls do". Bullshit. Girls, if you enjoy makeup, doing your hair, shopping etc. don't feel bad. You should never feel guilty for what you enjoy! Some girls like video games, some like books and some like shopping, it doesn't freaking matter what Jake Paul thinks! Why? Because he's a sexually charged 24 year old that's hobby is writing shitty books designed to make teenage girls even more self conscious than they are.

    31. Polar Bears

      drew, you’re almost to three million subscribers! time for your book!

    32. rylee burnand

      The contortionist 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    33. Foster

      okay joeys book is literally just copying the shadow children series are you kidding me lmao

    34. onee

      We have soccer players in our country, who aren't even that popular for their soccer career, they nowadays host soccer commentary TV shows. And those guys had quite popular autobiographies. But the difference was, they haven't written those themselves. A professional author interviewed them and turned those interviews into a book.

    35. sergio morles

      Gained a subscriber for that contortionist shirt

    36. Y. Bilokin

      At the same time as Gabbie sang the word « monster », my computer got the loudest hp update ever. #earsdestroyed

    37. Mia Garro

      What’s Obama’s last name?? 🤔

    38. Isha Katiyar

      i love your videos 🌻

    39. Just a Lame Weeb

      i need a haircut

    40. Dean Miller

      You going to make a book at 3 million?

      1. Antonio Paredes

        Wouldn't that break the entire purpose of making this video?

    41. Leyla Aghasalamli

      Imagine being a tree... 😔

    42. - Droid-J7 -

      This hurts. This is pain.

    43. Luna


    44. Connor Nolan

      Drew is comin up on that 3 mil mark. Book coming when?

    45. Matty Mason

      Books... that was the perfect description 👌

    46. Alec

      Drew is almost at 3 million. His book better be in the works rn

    47. Ireallyneedabettername

      2:38 "you'll never see me at the club, you'll never see me at the late house party, you'll never see me drinking" Later recounts the first time he had sex

    48. Bod el Builder

      4:59 what if your dream is to be a teacher Edit: (that’s not my dream, it’s just funny to think about children getting run over)

    49. Loonari x

      Seeing a The Contortionist shirt on drew makes me happy

    50. Last Roxas


    51. Laura Athena

      You're almost at 3 million Drew, are you writing your book yet?

    52. God

      Would you rather: Sit on the surface of the sun for 10 minutes, or be stuck in a room with only youtuber books for 24 hours

      1. Julio Sula

        You wouldn’t fucking live either way

    53. God

      Drewwww I inhaled my food I laughed to hard how dare you

    54. Alex

      Wow these ppl really said let’s make a book, but do a ✨speed run ✨

    55. Snagger

      Writing a whole 5 book series on how to say hi

    56. chomusuke

      You can tell it's not written by Jake because there's no way he could spell decipher

    57. Seargent Space Wolf

      no seriously i need a haircut because its down to my neck

    58. Lucas Lewin


    59. のぢGrey

      Holy shit I feel bad for the editor. Can you imagine that this is the best version of whatever they were given to fix up before press?

    60. Accident Rat


    61. Noah Phillips

      Matthew Santoro had an amazing book

    62. Brianna Gordy

      Drew is currently at 2.77 million. I’m going to be very disappointed if he doesn’t write s book, or at least jokingly announce he’s going to, when he hits 3M.

    63. Ya Girl

      Haven’t watched this yet but I love book of mythically

    64. sonic zayne

      why are you in my recommended

    65. Yoshidex 64

      Hello, I am a girl. I like clothes and putting on makeup. I have no emotions because all I do is like clothes and putting on makeup. I also have to be naked to impress boys because all boys care about is us being naked.

    66. Justice Marie

      connor franta’s books are the best youtuber books i know :)))

    67. Legacy Beta

      Wow Jake, gay guys don't exist? Fuuuun

    68. Crystiana Dodd

      Random but I thought since I just watched this and it’s all about books I figured I’d give a shout-out to my amazing mother who did finish writing a novel, although my mother isn’t a KGupr she wrote a book and self published it on amazon so if anyone’s interested in paranormal romance novels, look on amazon for Into Deaths Arms by Mary Milligan, I helped edit it she’s awful with grammar and punctuation. Also when I edited it I was probably 17 or 18 so don’t expect the best grammar/punctuation. 😂

    69. Melissa Gleason

      Make a book now

    70. TheRadicallyMJS


    71. ReeKi

      honestly, that poetry book wouldn't be so bad if she *didn't* claimed it to be a poetry book. then no one would judge it for that standard.

    72. Gabe Salem

      5:48 Lmfaooooo

    73. Indianadixon

      I'm guessing John Green doesn't count lol

      1. Andrew Overy

        Hank Green also has written 2 great books

    74. Javi Bone

      God tier KGup book and tour: The Try Guys

    75. Ruff Playz

      How did you know I need a hair cut

    76. Ironic Baguette :O

      And if you look to the left, you'll see LGBT+ erasure and sexism in its purest form.

    77. OGpillow08

      a while ago I bought the book by the Odd1sout, it was a little disappointing, but i really enjoyed it, then he came out with a second book, that i also bought, and enjoyed, and i actually liked the second book a lot more. i think going onto it he had learned from his first book, and knew what and what not to do. his books were like one of his videos, which i thought was kinda disappointing, but he did them both very well.

    78. Kelly Meyer

      What a waste of perfectly good paper Michael Scott would be distraught

    79. N O

      don't worrry drew, you're almost there, you can write a book soon!

    80. Matthew MCB

      "scrolling through the book"

    81. Adrian Henderson

      I do not need a haircut

    82. Solachinx

      Do you try to sound like John Mulany or are you some of clone?

    83. John Sarno

      Drew has to write a book soon

    84. Dr Stoned

      Don't take it from me guys I'm just a 30year old 15year old

    85. BasementDude

      "50 shades of Paul" fucking beautiful

    86. aria whatsherface

      Gonna be completely honest, I cannot for the life of me tell the difference between Logan and Jake Paul

    87. Totally not a weeb

      I can write better poetry than gabbie Hanna, and I’m in 8th grade

    88. WhiteWolf496

      Drew... I just had a haircut.

    89. R J

      Oh God I could feel some of my brain cells dying while you were reading that monstrosity of a “poem” 🤦🏻‍♀️

    90. Anti-Heroine

      1. I watch a lot of stand up comedy and none of it makes me laugh like these videos. Thank you! 2. These books are shameful (besides Rhett and Link, and the science boy)

    91. Cristopher Hernandez

      When i saw Charlie on your thumbnail, ngl, I was ready to throw hands haha. I loved his channel. I'm glad you showed him as a good example, he really made an effort to offer something different and cool. @charlieissocoollike please come backkk

    92. Levi Mohler

      How did jake Paul’s book get published

    93. Caroline Page

      i think theodd1sout is an excellent creator with a wonderful skill set, but his book was pretty bad. it consisted mainly of stories you could find in his videos (word for word) and screenshots from said videos. when it came out i was 11 and a huge fan of his channel, but seeing that he created a product that seemed to have such little thought or effort really lowered the level of respect i had for him.

    94. Seth Dale

      Imagine if one of these you tubers commented on this video.

    95. B. A. F.

      All I can say is that this came out on my dogs b day thats it

    96. Virtual Victory VD

      Omg look at this puppy video my friend showed it to me so cool wonder how the puppy turned into a human at the end there laosh

      1. Virtual Victory VD

        @Caroline Page same vid that rick rolled youtube

      2. Caroline Page

        you are my favorite person

    97. Weloveson Ulysse


    98. Green Fields

      I love how you mentioned Charlie. He was the first KGupr I subscribed to.

    99. michi ryo

      jake paul was y/n in that book

    100. Ahna Jay

      Yes charlieissocoollike! Chemical Love was my jam back in the day.