Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

Drew Gooden

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    At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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    1. Call Me Conor

      Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.

      1. carealoo744

        I'd totally risk my life if it means I get to have fun for a day

      2. carealoo744

        Haven't seen any of these shows

      3. Night of the living wolf

        *saids enthusiastically*

      4. No No No No

        Very big deal

      5. Savannah Habermehl

        @Raj T and the girls have been that

    2. Bennett Sorrells

      9:35 I got an ad right when he said it

    3. Shany Gr

      such a great video!

    4. Mimi Tran

      Also the masked singer was actually a Korean singing show for idols but the American network took the idea and used

    5. xSetTheAnchorsx

      Thank you for exposing who I use for internet. Id change but its included with my apartment for "free"...

    6. Taylor Whitecraft

      My show is like American Idol but you dont sing

    7. Big Squish

      Danny!! You can't go posting episodes of bones like this

    8. carealoo744

      If I could sit close to people for 10 minutes and then die at the end of it, I'd take it anyday over living another 11 minutes in the pandemic.

    9. Gaming News

      Att away general has Dixie dimeilio on the front cover

    10. Rachelle waves

      "ThAT wILL bE eXTR"

    11. Rachelle waves

      This comment earned your trust RigHt

    12. This Isn't Virginia


    13. Kylie Bell

      I honestly love crime shows and don't care if they are all the same lol 😆

    14. Hamza Kdesh

      Bro use the nfl app and league pass for sports. Then use Netflix.. etc

    15. Bonnie Jane

      Drew owns hand cuffs

    16. PNK

      geez G4 man that took me back

    17. A Human

      I seriously love all the kingdom hearts refrences across your channel! Can you do a opinion kinda thing on the games??? I love the franchise so much so I think it would be cool

    18. Twinkie Studios

      As a Black person I would like to say that I WATCH HGTV sooooo yeah.

    19. ryan chase

      Give it up for Brian

    20. Gabe

      Scrubs is so good though! Its super funny and sometimes makes you sad

    21. Gunnar Young

      nice ad placement!

    22. Ryan

      Literally the only thing I watch is History channel. Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Forged in Fire is enough for me

    23. Danny Pants Mcquade

      Is that fucking sora 😂😂

    24. Justin Sundstrom

      NCIS is the bomb though...

    25. Trevor Shaw

      Gus sent me this way

    26. Usman bhatt


    27. Yellow House

      At least you have the option to not have cable! In germany you have to pay a monthly/yearly fee because you technically COULD buy a TV and watch, even if you, in fact do not own a tv

    28. MOidAh PenSpinning

      Already lost my shit at "hey guy"

    29. Ewalko Beats

      “and constantly interrupted by commercials” *disney ad plays*

    30. Maxwell Vindman

      21:40 From the mirror of my mind The funny part is that people probably remember that from the spider lady’s video and not from cable because we all collectively got ipad minis in like 2008 and never watched cable again

    31. Aspen Calloway

      I used to watch so much G4 in high school 😩 Attack of the Show, Reviews on the Run, X Play, so many memories.

    32. frick central

      Just realized half of this man's face looks 6 years older

    33. TheOzarkWizard

      G4 was literally the only thing I watched when I had TV. It was a sad day when they left.

    34. BOCANE

      Loved your vines, love your channel I just discovered about two weeks ago and love this video. From a dolphins fan

    35. Saiki Kusuo

      My parents who used spectrum for 2-3 years rn: 🧑‍🦯👩‍🦯

    36. Rosi Fernandez

      The 1.2k dislikes were all Cable Provider Suits

    37. Dreaming of Gaming

      9:36 “constantly interrupted by commerc-“ *Ad plays* . Me: “Oh I see what you did there”

    38. Acy17

      I chill with the Golden Girls on TvLand

    39. chase knestrick

      bro being an adult looks awful

    40. __Koteika __Matroskin_

      Damn, what a cutie 95% of the time on the screen 🤔

    41. Miranda Elaine

      Masked singer was actually a Korean show first so the original was also a copy

    42. Eva Fiskeman


    43. Gerb h

      i mean at least ken joung is great

    44. youstupidcat

      me whose mad because south park isnt on cable and the only time it is on cable im at school:🧍‍♂️

    45. Suranda Anyinefa


    46. Jenn Powell

      Im sorry disney xd does WHAT NOW

    47. Maria Guglielmo

      Me thinking about the spectrum commercial where they advertise no hidden fees and the lady is so appalled by other companies that do it. “That’s nonsense”

    48. Ryan Lancaster

      Old Disney, Boomerang, old nick, and Cartoon Network

      1. Ryan Lancaster

        ^^^all goated and now bad

    49. Frank Woods

      Hes hating on all my shows smh

    50. Connor Hynes

      Only cable show i watch is Its Always Sunny

    51. Hearthstoned

      The masked singer is top tier DOGSHIT

    52. Bekah Baris

      I love, so so much, that right as he said “constantly interrupted by commercials” a simply piano add started playing and it was just *chef kiss* perfect

    53. Mr. Meme Man

      Right when he said constantly interrupted by commercials an ad played

    54. Nate19

      love the ad placement

    55. Betterreadthisplz

      Remember when we could watch tv for free but suddenlink just said nah fam and rob us

    56. op

      “and constantly interrupted by commercials-“ interrupted by ad

    57. RazorHawk810

      Be careful sir you’re spittin facts and capitalism doesn’t like that.

    58. Jasmine Romero

      why does his shirt have my name on it...

    59. fortressonahill

      Man I knew that Drew often talked about stuff without doing his research but he just put Scrubs together with all that Medical Drama garbage. How dare you

    60. Crxying OwØ

      “And constantly interrupted by commercials-“ *ad plays*

    61. Alex M

      00:31 so dramatic and for what? Call down Velma

    62. that one guy

      I guess american television is completely different, a sad affair.

    63. Mariah Angel

      Drew is just John Mulaney and Danny Gonzalez's love child

    64. Maniacal Blueberry

      You can rag on the other cop shows but if you lay your beautiful fingers upon law and order: svu, I will not be a happy bean

    65. LouisHazRice

      Plz don’t dog on criminal minds

    66. HellorHighWater

      I'm 150% sure that guy was in "Thomas The Tank Engine and The Magic Railroad" at exactly 5:00

    67. Dusk Raccoon

      Honestly I'm surprised people even still care for television at all. Even with the existence of streaming I feel like KGup has taken much of people's attention away from it.

    68. El Gataro

      You said that a pro of cable is that you don’t have to waste time choosing something, BUT Netflix has a thing that plays something random based on what u like

    69. Keiko Meliora

      okay but Criminal Minds hits different

    70. Isabella DeLaCruz

      Right as drew sayed constantly interupted by commercials an add played

    71. Henry G

      i want to see the bad doctor where he killed all his patients.

    72. TheNanamariam

      The Korean version of the Masked Singer and I Can see your voice will always be the best versions LMAO

    73. Toaster

      Hulu is cable but internet. Your paying monet but you still have to watch ads.

    74. quexl

      TVision should be good! I'll try and edit this when I get it.

    75. Doctor Mari-who

      The 40 year old divorced white mom starter pack

    76. Chael Huntley

      Who else got an ad when drew said the shows were constantly interrupted by commercial?

    77. RockCandyPlanet

      Obsessed w the sora voice clips for Haley.

    78. Benita Sonola

      he forgot Law&Order: Criminal Intent😞

    79. superadam64

      I liked this video as soon as it started and then when you edited Haley Joel Osment's voice clips in by using Sora from KH1, I unliked it so I could like it again. 😂

    80. Greasy hobo91

      I love your shirt lol

    81. James Vainio

      I cannot fucking believe that gave me a 9-1-1 lone star ad, right then. Did you do this?

    82. クレア

      korean masked singer: professional singers, *actually singing* american masked singer: *????*

    83. The known UNKNOWN

      wow. ya really upped the production bud

    84. Benjamin Marshall

      Can we talk about the military chick incorrectly wearing an air force uniform, claiming to be a rank that doesn't even exist in the air force?

      1. Sai Jay

        Wait what..

    85. HP LOW

      Right after he said “and constantly interrupted you commercials” I got an add..

    86. Lamarr Williford

      I love how Haley Joel Osment's voice was just Sora from kingdom hearts.

    87. Johnny

      4 random letters? I'll go with xnxx

    88. The Smashing Lad

      I just noticed that one of the characters in the board meeting during the clapping scene looks like he’s whispering “Fuck” under his breath and that’s hilarious.

    89. sakshi priya-409

      Bruh both the masked singer and its opposite version are remakes of korean shows that have been there since a LONG TIME

    90. Reese Cryer

      @4:07 there’s no sergeant first class in the Airforce

    91. Emu

      Ironically enough, I love NCIS, because it was the first one I saw, but hate all those other drama cop shows because they are "all the same". And I also hate all those doctor shows, ESPECIALLY The Good Doctor and Grey's Anatomy, because they are all the same and those two are _objectively_ the worst ones. But I do like House, because my boyfriend showed it to me and I love him. End of collage essay. The definition on Google of "objectively" is so perfectly opposite of what I meant that I'm leaving it in because I

    92. MAEMARA

      lmao they're not even ripping off themselves anymore, they adapt korean variety shows, and tbh the original does it better

    93. Scheurthiaume

      Now I know why my parents refused to pay for cable growing up. Even though I despised them because I couldn’t watch Hannah Montana.

    94. blkhat117

      Internet killed the TV star. Watch these cable basterds charge per gigabyte like a electric utility.

    95. quaker47


    96. bammity

      And that’s why I use chrome cast, it’s got everything and like drew said, most streaming services are nice and cheap and you can you use it on your phone. It’s just better.

    97. manelgrinder 30

      I knew it was spectrum before you said it

    98. Alboy 2828

      Criminal minds is amazing btw

    99. Bitter the Verbose

      I actually love the Idea of American Idol but they write their own songs Version 1 and 2. And On the Doctors thing, I love House, it's just Lovely.

    100. Carter Cook

      5:00 my mom watches all of these